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06-19-2010, 05:09 PM
Did the search trying to see if it has been asked, posted and found nothing.

I am hoping to replace the default games graphics for the weapons in TSL. Mainly the melee weapons, I have already got the light sabers replaced and have been trying to replace the defaults of the swords/axes/blasters/rifles but I can't seem to get it right, I've been trying to use graphics from Oldflash's final touch mod for the melee weapons (i didnt want to use the installer as stated he modifies game balancing which i saw nothing wrong with; just graphics)

So what I had been doing trying to replace the melee stuff is, I find one of the graphics I want to use for say the Virosword opened up kse got the w_melee_06 from there and then renamed the graphics file that changes the skin i guess to w_melee_06.tga like it was done replacing the light sabers and it has no effect in game on either current saves or fresh starts.

Any help would be appreciated

06-19-2010, 05:26 PM
Are you renaming the model files too?

06-19-2010, 05:28 PM
well, you could just look the texture you want to change, with kotor tool, look at the exact name, and replace it ^^

06-19-2010, 06:09 PM
@Canderis, model files? In the final touch mod didnt see any .mdl files for the weapon changes.. just .tga and .txi
@Seikan, looking at downloading this tool now hopefully it'll help me out at changing the default graphics of these things

*Edit* Further inspection the swords and axes do not appear to have the .txi either in the zip file just .tga

*EDIT* After some experimenting I indeed have been able to change the items somewhat.. but not as I had intended, was renaming the files I was hoping to use to the w_waraxe_001 names (that is the gamorereen waraxe) while renaming the file I wanted it to look like did indeed change the graphic of that said axe it only reskinned it which was kinda odd, I wanted to change the default axe of that weapon to what is in this picture for testing purposes http://oldflash.bravehost.com/axe/981.html. But as I said it only reskinned it with those colors unfortunately :( any ideas on how to get these weapons in game without using his installer which will modify much much more than I wanted to change?