View Full Version : After Tinkering aimlessly, ect...

06-24-2010, 03:49 AM
Well, i've modded many games before but nothing as... forgiving as this. I've tinkered very hard, acting like i've known all along what im doing and never has it crashed. See, all I want to do is make every planet (that is not either of the 3 factions starting planets) populated (with the black sun pirates) so it isnt so easy for the AI and me to go around conquering by sending a single squad of stormtroopers to every which planet. Ive seen a mod that has done this... I've tried inserting the pirates starting forces code into the XML I am using (which is also another Galactic Conquest, it is unmodded except for the fact that all 3 factions start from 1 planet, while all others are just waiting to be conquered with 1 stormtrooper, too easy) It doesnt work, as i've almost expected. How do I accomplish this?