View Full Version : EMI - WASD

07-02-2010, 09:58 AM
So I've entered the Great Monkey Island Race this year and one serious disadvantage I have for the EMI section of the race is that I haven't used the arrow keys in over 3 years and am now finding EMI impossible to control, as the interaction keys and movement keys are on the same side of the keyboard.

Looking in the EMI menu, it's possible to rebind the interaction keys (so I guess a BS3 like setup would be possible, but confusing) but not the movement keys. I'm unable to switch movement to WASD.

Could some clever soul have a snoop around at EMI and see how movement might be changed? If so, that soul would be very awesome and would make EMI so much more playable for everyone who has played far too much Quake and TF2 in the last few years.

I'm doing some snooping around now with the Resource File dumper. Found some promising looking things already.