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Te Darasuum Mandalor
07-02-2010, 09:09 PM
The year is an alternate 2020, and humanity has discovered that the creatures thought to be fictional, exist. Now, there is a bloody war being fought against the humans, the vampires, the warewolves, and the mages all competing for power of a wartorn earth. Amongst the worldwide tumult, a league of guardians emerge from the four races with plans to save the world before it destroys itself out of fear......

Note: The reason I am making this RP is because there are fans of many different genres and series' and thought it would be fun to mix them up a bit. It will be inspired by books and movies such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, along with a hint of Star Trek.

Name: What is your name?
Race: Which of the four races are you?
Sub Race: Wherewolf (shapeshifter, Wolfman), Human (White, Black, Asian, Native American), Vampire (doombringer, gothic), Mage (warlock, druid)
Appearence: What does he/she look like?
Age: How old is your chracter?
Bio: Tell us your story!

Only one character per person

If you have any questions, VM me

Darth InSidious
07-08-2010, 05:53 AM
Name: Cousin Tjetji of Faction Paradox
Race: Human (mostly)
Sub-race: Witchblood/time-active biodata
Appearance: Pale-skinned, thin, and old, the left eye is bright blue, and there's a shiny, black false eye in the right socket, which doubles as biotemporal scanning device; moderately wrinkled. His hair is grey, though he is mostly concealed by voluminous, black robes topped by a huge, bone mask made out of the skull of something like a giant bat.
Age: 65 (? Precise age unknown)

Bio: Depite the Sumerian name, Cousin Dumuzid is almost certainly English, though other details of his past remain uncertain, as he has fastidiously erased most records of his name and date of birth. He has, however, on various occasions claimed to have been a clerk of the chancery court during the case of Jarndyce and Jardyce, a member of the French Revolutionary army, Catherine the Great's hair stylist, a member of Tony Blair's second ministry, Dr. John Dee, the Prime Minister of Canada, and Huitzilihuitl, second emperor of the Aztecs. The last of these, at least, may be discounted, as contact between the Faction and humanity did not occur prior to the late 18th Century.

What is certain is that he was initiated into the Faction at around the age of 15, and took the name of Dumuzid shortly thereafter. While much of the history of his career to date is still unknown, it is known that he has been involved in a variety of diplomatic missions, and was on one occasion the only person to get out alive. The files of most War-time powers on the Cousin simply state that he should not be trusted. A person identifying themselves simply as "Dumuzid", and described as a dark-haired human is known to have attended the Central University on Glagolit Prime in the posthuman period, and to have studied biotemporal mechanics, but as usual, Cousin Dumuzid is evasive on the issue. Perhaps a little oddly for a diplomat, Dumuzid is notoriously tactless and rude.

Dumuzid has an interest in ritualism and the occult and has in the past often used less than subtle methods as a surprise tactic. Combined with his morbid sense of humour and taste in bad puns, his mere presence is often considered a portent of woe throughout the posthuman period. Despite his preference for words, however, Dumuzid is, like many Faction agents, armed with a "shadow weapon", or sombras que corta, and challenging him is as such is not to be undertaken lightly. Aside from this, he generally carries a silver-topped cane - more for effect than due to any ailment - and a large number of explosives.

In short, Cousin Dumuzid is old, aggressive and machievellian, with a taste for drama, sarcasm, blood, and high explosives. Quite what he - and the Faction, for that matter - hopes to gain from all this is unclear.

07-08-2010, 06:22 AM
Since the good Darth has cast the first die, I'll follow up with my proposed character as well:

Name: Dorian Gray, the Duke of Lancaster
Race: Human
Sub Race: White
Appearance: Amazingly youthful face, as if he had never aged past 20. Dark eyes, dark hair approximately 6 inches long. Vigorous and enthusiastic demeanor, and very, very aristocratic.
Age: Around 159

Dorian was born a rich, spoiled aristocrat in 19th Century London. Enamoured by a painting of his youthful beauty, he wished that his beauty would never fade, and that may the painting itself take the toll for his age and his evil, hedonistic deeds. And indeed, this turned out to be the case. For every base and hedonistic act of his, the painting became uglier and uglier, with every hideous wart and wrinkle ruining it.

Dorian meanwhile, continued abated in his quest to appreciate all that is beautiful, and amassed a collection jewels and oddities from all over the world, spending his time in brothels and amidst courtesans, his minds churning with depravity, and the beauty of depravity.

In 1891, he would insinuate the story of his life into the idea-starved brain of an upcoming British writer named Oscar Wilde, the blow that would force him to go underground and change his name. He has since wandered the world, seen the rise and fall of drug empires, human trafficking syndicates, terrorist groups and has been most interested of all in the underground art and antiquities trade, always referred to simply as the "Gray".

Everything from the Darfur Crisis to the Somalian anarchy, the chaos of East Europe to the junta of Thailand, the rise of Nazism to the formation of Israel has been impacted upon by Dorian Gray in some way. If there ever was a one-man Illuminati, it was he. And why does he, a nihilistic atheist do it? Simply for the beauty for it.

But he wasn't only in the underground. Dorian Gray, or Lancelot Carrioncrow, as he fashioned himself, became the Duke of Lancaster in 1905 and has been reigning since as his own grandson. Subtly but surely, he has directed British politics all the way upto the end of world... as we know it.

A powerful, egocentric man hell-bent on art and hedonism, is what Dorian Gray is.

07-08-2010, 08:00 AM
Hmmmm....I'm in enough RPs already, but I might (and that's a big might) join up.

Out of curiosity, you wouldn't have happened to have read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? It uses basically the same concept you're doing.

07-08-2010, 11:38 AM
It's all that Oscar Wilde's fault.

07-08-2010, 02:06 PM
Name: Millennial
Race: Human
Subrace: White
Gender: Female

Appearance: Short red hair in a "boyish" cut, which she always keeps hidden by a kerchief for modesty's sake and because others in her time period considered it "unfeminine". Voluptuous--not exactly fat, but curved, with sparkling blue eyes. Her skin is so fair that it never develops a tan. It always burns in a short amount of time. That is why Millennial carries a parasol even though she walks with a noticeable limp. Long-fingered hands--a writer's hand's, not a servant's. Others find her absolutely gorgeous, but strange.

Clinical History: Millennial was "put to sleep"--cryogenically frozen--in a clinical trial of methods that could be used to prolong life. Suffering from a severe case of clinical depression, Millennial was sent to a sanitarium on Staten Island in New York. This is where she agreed to be "put to sleep", in order to be put out of her torment at failing to become a woman of grace and accomplishment as she was expected to be. The pressure utterly broke her down. The experiment was done in 1920, and Millennial has just awakened. Given a second chance, Staten Island researchers in 2020 found her in the cryo-chamber and "unfroze" her. Also, they set her free. Will she, at long last, find a second chance at life--and perhaps love? Perhaps saving the world? (NOTE: Even though she was not asleep for 1,000 years, her name is still "Millennial" because that's how long some at the sanitarium said she'd sleep. Plus, a "Millennial" is also a child of the Third Millennium, which she is.)