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07-13-2010, 09:56 PM
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So you want to make custom clothes which are more than just a Fashion Statement? Well this "tutorial" will hopefully explain various aspects and answer common questions people may have! Generally I have found when wanting to achieve things, reviewing the mods of others who have done something similar, helpful in finding out what I needed to know as such I shall use a few of my mods as examples due to my familiarity with them...

For this tutorial I shall use my mod Force Fashion II (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Force_Fashion_II;104261) to explain various steps you should wish to make. For a more detailed explanation of how the appearance.2da works, Stoffe's excellent walkthrough, found here (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=148638) is highly recommended.

As Stoffe's walkthrough will have explained the various types of clothing/armour/robes found in the base items are linked to the appearance.2da in the case of the Jedi Robes in KotOR 2, the standard (or padawan) robes occupy slot "i" in the appearance.2da. Lets have a brief illustration to explain how a .uti links to the appearance.2da... (click the hidden/spoiler button to reveal pictures)...


This means effectively that whatever the model is in slot "i" is a will be what the body of the selected charachter looks like in the game. So in the vanilla game the Jedi Robe model is for males; PMBIM and for females PFBIM, the textures are called for males PMBIM01 (and numbers between 02-99) for females its PFBIM01 (and numbers between 02-99). So if we assume the PC is male, the game is told by the .uti that the male pc is wearing the model PMBIM, and that the texture used should be texture 4, aka PMBIM04.tga. The texture number also links to icons, so for the Jedi Robe, the icon used for this jedi robe would be ia_JediRobe_004 and if the texture number was set to 8, the texture used would be PMBIM08 and the icon ia_JediRobe_008 etc, etc.

This also means that you can change the model in this slot, so within Force Fashion II, you will notice that each of the Jedi Masters you encounter has their own Jedi Robe, and they wear the Padawan model instead of the Master model.

So this is how you would change what Vrook was wearing from this;


To this...


So in the example of Vrook, who is found on row 670 (the last one) in the K2 appearance.2da, he usually wears a Jedi Master robe, so to change this....


I changed the model, to that of the "Padawan mode"l, and changed the texture, one thing to note, is all clothing textures *MUST* have a two digit number on the end to work, so the Vrook custom texture I created is called vrook01.

All this means that you can entirely change models and textures as you so wish. An example of this can be found in my New PC Clothes (in K2). (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/New_PC_clothes;102197)

What the above mod is change this...


To this;


So to change the standard clothes to the above I edited the following in the appearance.2da (before on top, edited version after)...


To achieve the effect of that modification...my custom texture was called exile 01, I could also of added exile02, as a texture variation and by changing this in the.uti you could have multiple different original KotOR robes wearable in The Sith Lords