View Full Version : Newbie Saber question(s)

Qui-Don Jorn
07-21-2010, 02:56 AM
Ok, Ive made sabers that work..but lemme explain. ive read Achilles saber tutorial a bunch but i dont get it.
All i do is make uti's for the saber and crystal, make a tga for the crystal, point the uti to see the "mycrystal" tga, pop those in KT project builder, hit build, and boom, i get a lightsaber in my RMO folder.
So what would happen if i didnt make it with mdl's mdx's and txi's? cause i didnt and just use Oldflash's replacement hilt textures to skin them. Are those files absolutely necessary?

Did KT just get better (since those tut's) in that, it builds it all for you?
I guess what im asking is, what do those files do? sorry for this newbie question..

Nevermind,..i get it now.
I just improved my modding knowledge by leaps and bounds.:)