View Full Version : Synthestan, Episode I: Old Art versus New Science

08-05-2010, 11:09 PM

1871, Chicago

It's been ten years since the War Between the States, and the Union has masterfully commandeered the reuniting of its nation. The North and South are once again at peace, and President Andrew Johnson is presiding over the greatest Reconstruction in United States history. All seems well, but beneath the surface of so-called "normal life", another civil war is brewing.

Practitioners of the "old art", known as magick, are feuding with the proud and self-christened "new scientists", those who favor the use of technology to improve their daily lives. True, there are brave souls who try to study both schools of knowledge, but the more skilled you are in one, the less skilled you can become in the other. After all, magick seeks to change the natural world, while technology seeks to use and improve upon it. The militant factions of both the "Magisters" and the "Scientists" aim to eradicate the other group completely, but haven't we seen enough war? How, and when, will this conflict end? Bloodshed was never the way to solve things, but that's just my own opinion. Heaven knows the streets of this city might run red soon...

RACES: Human, Elf (favors magick), Dwarf (favors technology), Umbral
OCCUPATION: Any that would have been around in the 1800's, plus Magister (pick a magick arena) or Scientist (uh, yeah. Pick a science area...)
GENDER: Male, Female, Null (Umbral only, and they're like monks)
BEWARE: If someone starts building computers et al., it's got to be a good "steampunk" version of a computer--no iPods, iPads, or iPhones allowed!