View Full Version : change in force power apperence??

08-14-2010, 11:53 PM
ok one of my focuses is to make kotor 1 look better and now i was hoping to focus on the force powers and i was wondering how much i could change all of the force power effects - i dont understand how i should be going about it are the textures all i can change - my hope was to reroute the force lightning - i read something about over powered force powers - i want to take the original force powers and make them look super powerful - but i dont want to make any changes to damage and such - i feel like making them look powerful and cool would be enough - i think the effects are really lacking not to mention low res

like i said i wanted to reroute the force lightning in a way add more bolts or something but i dont know if its possible - if it is how would i go about doing it

i am starting with these darkside powers first because they are the ones that are attacking - if that makes sense

oh and i am having some problems with kotor 1 recently so i was hopping that maybe someone could get me screens of the 3 tiers of force lightning