View Full Version : onderon issue when clearing Dagon Ghent

08-22-2010, 05:29 AM
K having a prick of an issue... everytime i clear Dagon Ghent and he gets freed the games lags like crazy. And when u get back to Dagon Ghent; Dagon Ghent is covered only by his face texture head to toe. very slowly i can go through 2 chat options in the hope that if i could get past that i could save it but game crashes before then.

Some help plz.

update. k now it crashes before it even finishes loading for that scene. and does the same thing after re installl. wtf!

09-09-2010, 03:30 PM
And now for the obligatory canned response.
Try using the game's configuration utility to post your system specs:
Post your system specs
Sometimes we're just not going to be able to help you if we don't know what kind of hardware you have on your machine. If you don't know what you have on your machine, then follow these steps below:
Bring up the launcher menu for Kotor 1 or 2.
Click on "Configure".
Click the "Scan Hardware" button on the lower center of the window.
Click "Yes" to continue.
Click "Details" to view your system specs.
Click "Save Report" and save the file to your desktop.
Whenever you post your problem, open the file you just saved and copy and paste the contents to your post.
And please specify which version of Windows you are using because the game can't ID anything newer than XP.
Plus -Are you using any mods?