View Full Version : Some Tips for Multiplayer Games

Commander Yoda
10-13-2001, 11:15 AM
Well, here's my current strategy for multiplayer games. It covers the beginning of the game.

1) Build 15 Workers. Have your 3 workers build about 5 or 6 Prefab Shelters in the meantime.

2) Your Scout needs to locate the 8 or so Nerfs in the general area of your Command Center. Find and bring those in. Get a worker to build an animal nursery and then throw them in. Have your worker build an Energy source (or whatever their called, i can't remember) so that the animal nursry in within is range.

3) By now you should have quite a few free workers. Have one build a Food Processing Center, and once thats done, have about 6 of them build farms around the Food Processsing Center.

4) The remainder of your workers should harvest Carbon. Build a Carbon Processing Plant next to the area you are harvesting Carbon from. Get about 8 or 9 workers harvesting Carbon.

5) Have any free workers build a troop center. In a short amount of time you will have enough food to advance to Level 2.

6) After you have advanced to Level 2, create more workers to mine Ore and Nova Crystals, and send more to harvest Carbon. Keep some workers free to build Turrets, a War Center, and a Mech Factory. Upgrade everything that you can.


10-14-2001, 09:08 AM
Well Joda this are pretty good tip´s!! I have used them and they work very well!! But i think you have to build some Anti - Air Troopers 5 to 10 as soon as possible, because a lot of players try to send their troopers in your base with some transportplanes. Btw. if you have 10 Hvy. Anti - Air Troopers you don´t have to build Anti - Air Turrets! You only have to patrol them around you´re base in DefenceStance! Also some Fighterplanes to patrol you´re base is good for defence!

Commander Yoda
10-14-2001, 10:48 AM
That sounds like a good strategy. My tips above wouldn't include Air Defense however because the tips above only relate to Level 1 and the beginnning of Level 2.

On the topic of air defense though, I usually build 5 or so Anti Air Turrets near the edges of my base. Since the starships in the demo are weak, it usually only takes one shot to destroy a ship (at least from my experiences). I once defeated a flight group of 30+ Tie Bombers with a couple of Anit Air Turrets and a couple of Heavy Anti Air Troopers. Creating 10 Anti Air Troopers then seemed like a waste, cause 5 would do the job just fine! ^_^