View Full Version : [TSL] Black Screen At Malachor

11-10-2010, 05:15 PM
Okay, I'm using TSLRCM and USM (with the latest compatability patch from the deadlystream forums). Well, apparently, something in USM is *still* breaking TSLRCM as when I arrive on Malachor V, I get the cutscene of Kreia confronting Sion, and then the screen goes black. I can still hear them talk. Then I get the cutscene of crashing, then I hear them talk some more, before getting control returned, only to be stuck on a completely black screen. I can still access the menus, and the like.

I've had this problem in Kotor 1 & 2 at differing points, and usually removing the offending mod fixes it. Consensus on the DeadlyStream forums confirms that the problem is a USM conflict. However, USM is so large and so pervasive, removing it at this late juncture breaks my save games. I simply have no desire to start all over *again* (this is already my third attempted TSLRCM playthrough). I've posted this over at their forums, but you guys tend to be much more on the ball. Does anyone have any idea what *specific* files need to be removed from USM to make the game work again? Or maybe another fix entirely?