View Full Version : SWTOR should be the Most Anticipated MMO in 2010!

11-22-2010, 04:00 AM
Hello guys:)
I am a fan of star wars game and as for this game, I have beening paying attention to it for some time. Although it has been developed for quite a long time and as most of you know that the developers have invested millions to the game already, I still love those space combat and I dont care it would be FTP or PTP when it comes out. By now, I would list star wars: the old republic as my most anticipated mmo 2010!

what do you guys think about? Hope Bioware would release the game soon. Just cant wait to play:¬:

Oh, btw, if you guys also like swtor, just vote for it at this page: http://contest.mmosite.com/gameprize/webapps/index.php#Star-Wars:-The-Old-Republic

Hope swtor can win!!:thmbup1: