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Chevron 7 locke
11-25-2010, 10:13 AM
((Well, I thought I'd give my own Naruto Rp a shot. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks go out to Phantom Knight for the help he provided.))

One year after the events of the Arashi incident...

It has been a year since the forces of the Arashi have been defeated but the legendary Ten-tails still lives. The group of adventurers that managed to defeat the Arashi and drive the ten-tails away have gone their seperate ways to pursue their own goals.

But a new threat is rising from the shadows. A threat that was thought destroyed during the last Great Shinobi War.

In a far off land this threat has manifested itself. A Samurai village is under heavy attack by unknown foes who seem to have amazing abilities. A desperate battle is now being waged to drive away the attackers.

As this is a continuation of the first Rp feel free to post characters from the first Shiobi rp.

Character sheet.

Rank: (Chunin and over)
Appearance: (A pic or a description works.)
Nature Type:

You may have up to three characters.

Alright, here is my first character, I'll have my second one up later.

Name: Karela
Age: 17
Rank: Chunin
Appearance: Since leaving the Hidden leaf village to visit Akagi's village Karela has taken to wearing a set of black and red Samurai armor over her normal black chunin vest.
Personality: Karela has much of the same personality that she had during the Arashi crisis. She's still a fun loving competative compassionate soul that enjoys helping people out.
Weapons/Equipment: Kunai puch, exploding kunai knives, smoke bombs and various other items.
Nature type: Wind and Earth and she has some small experience with fire type jutsu due to her time among the Arashi
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Earth Barrier jutsu
Exploding Earth coffin
Background: After the Arashi crisis, Karela left the Hidden leaf village to go to Akagi's village to learn more about the traps that his people used to drive the Tailed beasts away. She hoped to find a trap capable of destroying the Ten-tails. She is also struggeling with some new found feelings for Kaneda that developed while she was away from the village.

Name: Dren Hyuga
Age: 18
Rank: Chunin, Very close to becoming a Jonin
Appearance: Dren wears a common Konoha chunin vest and has black hair. He's around 6'2
Personality: Since Dren does volunteer to be a teacher at the academy when the regular teachers are out on missions he has a bit of a stern nature towards those younger then him. When out on missions he is dedicated to completing the mission at whatever the cost.
Weapons/Equipment: Standard Ninja epuipment, Kunai, flash bombs and a few exploding kunai knives.
Nature Type: None. He does however have the Byakugan which gives him the ability to use the gentle fist style which in turn allows him to use some very unique and powerful attacks.
Eight trigrams sixty-four palms technique
Hyuga art: Sixty four defending palms
Eight trigrams heavanly sixty four palms technique(Not yet perfected.)
Background: Dren was born to the Hyuga branch family and for the first few years of his life he was taught that his only purpose was to fight for the main family, this made him somewhat bitter but in time he managed to get over it and accept his fate.

However, after the Hyuga family was reformed and the two Hyuga families were united into one family his caged bird seal was removed and due to his abilities he was allowed to train with some of the most powerful shinobi of the hyuga clan.

11-27-2010, 04:51 PM
I'll add Kaneda later on during the story. In the mean time, I'll put in the character sheet for a new one :)

Name: Ryuu
Age: 39
Rank Missing-Sam(urai), Kenjustu Master
Appearance: Tall stance. Long and Crisp Black hair. Grey Eyes. Wears a Black Haori with red lining, with a matching band around his forehead. Also wears black-leather gauntlets.
Personality: Strong Willed, Silent
Weapons: Two Katanas, each of a unique design
Nature Type: Fire
- Shadow Clone Jutsu
- Dance of the Crescent Moon
- Sword Barrage
- Fire Release: Dragon Katana (this technique allows Ryuu to flow Fire Chakra through the blade of his Katanas)
- Fire Release: Dragon Rush (Ryuu encases his body with a protective/offensive layer of fire chakra, and increases his speed in a short amount of time)
- Fire Release: Dragon Blitz (a Combination of Dragon Katana and Blitz, Ryuu deals a devastating combo of enflaming sword attacks)
- Dance of the Dragon Kin (a modified version of the Crescent Moon Dance, Ryuu creates Shadow Clones that encircle the enemy, and perform the Dragon Blitz Technique from each copy, to deal even more damage to the opponent.)
- Hidden Smoke Technique (similar to the Hidden Mist Technique, the user blows out a stream of smoke that forms a cloud around the opponent.)
Background: Ryuu disbanded himself from the ways of the Samurai, voluntarily - at a pre-adult age, he left his village to pursue something else because he wasnt truly happy. Eventually he was discovered by the Mentors and Teachers of the Kenjustu Academy located within the Land of Forests.
Ten or more years passed along, and Ryuu during then learned many Advanced Sword Techniques; as well as discovering his nature type being fire. He eventually graduated, and earned the rank as a Kenjustu Master for the Academy. He has had many apprentices, one of them being Kaneda Yamagato. Ryuu is incredibly strong willed, and only speaks when spoken to or necasary.

11-27-2010, 06:50 PM
Alright, this sounds like fun :D It'll be good to be back :D

Name: Akagi Shurijima

Age: 23

Rank: Ninja's ranks do not matter to Akagi, though to most of his fellow warriors, he is actually a Samurai lord.

Appearance: Akagi almost always dresses in black and dark red samurai armor. He also sports a red armored face mask which covers everything facial, minus the eyes and forehead. He is rather intimidating with his dark black hair and 6'3 height. He displays his swords openly, along with a small array of weapons. His black helmet is basic of that of his era of Samurai, and it has two distinct ceremonial steel blades rising from the top. In addition, he now sports a Samurai mask, or Mempo, along with an extra embroidered plate which signifies his status as Samurai Daimyo.

Personality: Akagi is known for having a very very strong sense of honor. He can also be seen as inhuman due to his actions, but outside of combat, he is quite kind hearted. He is also known to possess wisdom beyond his years. However, he is also seen as slightly deprived of a normal citizens life due to the fact that he is often not among any of the villages, until now.

Weapons: Akagi publicly displays his Samurai Daisho or the two blades of which many Samurai have: A Katana and a Wakizashi. These blades are sheathed in an embroidered sheath that is painted black, and is highly recognizeable to Akagi's status. He needs no other weapons.

Nature type: Ever since his encounters with the Shinobi, he has embraced the older "In-Yo" nature (the Japanese equivalent of Yin-Yang). This ties into his beliefs in Bushido.

Jutsu: Taijutsu, something taught to all of the warriors in his land. He has tried nearly all of the numerous forms, though he may be considered an expert in the 'Drunken Fist.'

Background: Akagi was born into a long line of Samurai Warlords. And he has not strayed far from that image. He became very well known among the Samurai community for the speed at which he became a Warlord and how ferociously he had fought for the old ways. He soon began to plan coming out of his hidden nation to learn about the outsiders, and perhaps restore the old ways. He, however, does not like ninjas, he finds them annoying, not to mention that his family had had a long standing dispute with several Hidden Villages and these Village's Parent Nation.

However, after encountering the Shinobi, he placed his personal grudges aside, and for once, fully understood them. With his personal inhibitions cast aside, Akagi returned to his lands. He assumed his rank as Daimyo of Mototada Prefecture, in which he directly rules the village of Asai. However, his lands have been under attack from a strange, unknown force...and though the Samurai are strong...they will need help to survive.

Cyborg Ninja
12-01-2010, 11:41 PM
((Specter will be returning, just not right away))

Name: Takeda Kuei
Age: 18
Rank: Jonin
Appearance: Takeda has blue eyes and white hair. He wears a mask over his face, but still allows someone to see his eyes. He wears a black and blue vest with black pants. He also has black and blue gloves. Since he became a Jonin, he now wears a black robe over his normal attire and a black hat.
Personality: Takeda's personality is much like his jutsu, cold. He hardly ever laughs and takes things very seriously. He will do whatever he can to get the mission done, no matter the cost. Though he may be could, Takeda does have a sense of honor and is known to have a heart for those he considers friends.
Weapons/Equipment:Shurikens(which he freezes as he throws).
Nature Type: Water and Wind
Justu: Ice Release:
-Ice Blast- Fires a ball of ice out of his hands
-Frozen Rain- Takeda fires a series of icicles from the sky at the attacker
-Ice Clone- Creates a clone out of ice which protects him from attack or freezes the attacker
Frozen Blades- Takeda creates two large icicles on his hands which he can use like swords
-Ice Beam- Fires two palm sized ice beams from his hands which he can use to create barriers for protection or to freeze something.
-Ice Dragon: Using the ice around him, Takeda can create an ice dragon which will attack his enemies.
-Chiller Touch- Takeda's deadliest move. It takes all of his energy to pull this move off but the effect results in death. Takeda grabs his attacker with his hand and freezes him in place.
-Buntai Affinity Seal: Said to be the equivalent to the Werebeast form. Takeda's body turns to pure ice, making not only himself more powerful but his jutsu as well. The down side is it drains chakra, and he can only hold it for 40 minutes.
-Frozen Fury: While using the seal Takeda's strength and speed are drastically increased. While technically not a jutsu, Takeda has taught himself to not only hit harder but faster as well.
Background: Takeda went back to Konoha after the Arashi crisis. He continued to train himself, especially since most of his friends had left the village. Within a few months Takeda finally became a Jonin. He takes this new title very seriously.
His psychotic brother Takai still resides within his soul, however he has not attempted to take control of Takeda since the battle with Gatoa.

12-03-2010, 06:35 PM
Name: Asuka Kyo

Age: 16

Rank: Former Chunin/ Traveler

Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_HWU3wX2cDLQ/SaF6vkGVUYI/AAAAAAAAFOw/Fy-HDIcLrj4/s400/anime_girl_elf.jpg

Personality: Soft-spoken, calm and collected. She started to meditate more and find peace within her after the incident of the Shinobi War.

Weapons/Equipment: Katana and Tanto. She also has a wooden staff.

Nature Type: Water and Lightning

- Chidori Current
- Chidori
- Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique
- Water Release: Tearing Torrent

Background: Young Asuka began training in the ways of the ninja when she was about 11-years-old, by her uncle Chokichi. But sadly, he died in battle with a Rogue ninja before he could finish her training. Devasted by this, Asuka quitted training. By the time she was 14, her mother, who became very sick, told her to find a good teacher to finish her training. Stunned by this, the young girl agreed, and kissed her mother farewell after she died. As she continued to find the right teacher, she came across a wise old man named Benjiro Ikeda. He taught Asuka well, teaching her techniques like Water and Lightning techniques.

After training with Benjiro, Asuka went on her journey alone, finding ways to help anyone she would encounter in need. After the Shinobi War, Asuka abandoned the village and went her seperate way, becoming a traveler, meditating more and finding her inner peace. The split personality of Asuka was long dead, and she had full control of her emotions. ((Kinda like Wolf Sazen. :D )) She also has a pet ferret named Katsu.

03-21-2011, 10:04 AM
better start preparing for Kaneda's epic return :p

Name: Kaneda Yamagato
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Kenjustu Apprentice, Chuunin
Appearance: http://drnice.deviantart.com/art/Ninja-Character-Design-202351076
Personality: Laid-back yet Intelligent
Weapons: Ceremonial Katana, Utility Belt
Nature Type: Lightning, Wind and Plasma
- Shadow Immitation Technique
- Shadow Sewing Technique
- Lightning Release: Shadow Torment
- Kusanagi Sword: Chidori Katana
- Beast Wave Palm
- Wind Release: Katana Wave (Similar to Beast Wave technique: the user summons wind chakra through his blade and swipes a slicing chakra wave)
- Wind Release: Wind Blade (The User infuses wind Chakra through his bladed weapon, enhancing its Speed and Power)
- Plasma Release: Ion Blade (Instead of Wind Chakra, Kaneda infuses his blade with the created Plasma)
- Wind Release: Flying Katana Storm (An upgraded version of Kaneda's Flying Kunai Storm Attack: instead of using his hands, he uses his katana blade to summon the chakra ring, which fires several spear-like projectiles down onto the opponent(s))
- Werebeast Form
- Ascended Beast Form (Due to Naruto's offering of his bijuu blood during the final battle of the Arashi Incident, Kaneda no longer needs to feed upon others chakra, nor use his Yin Seal which was removed, to enhance his stats and abilities. Though technically labelled as an artificial Jinchuuriki, its not as powerful and effective as Naruto's original full powered nine-tailed beast forms. Kaneda can choose to either fight in the Default Werebeast Form, or upgrade to Ascended if things get extremely difficult.)
Background: For the past year, Kaneda had spent his time learning and training at the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. He had given up most of his old techniques in favour of newly sword-based ones. Since the epic battle the previous year, Kaneda has been going under some therapy, due to harbouring a part of the nine-tailed spirit from Naruto - at times he finds it difficult to cope psycologically with another spirit lurking inside of him. He has been sent back to Konoha to assist with the investigation of the new threat; gladly giving him the chance of a reunion with his long lost friends.