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03-16-2011, 12:54 PM
Hello, and thank you for your interest in The Republic Alliance. Below is a quick explanation of our guild and what you can expect from us.

We Are:
Light role playing guild that focuses on both PVE and PVP
Government based to ensure success for the guild, and its members
End game raid orientated
Mature family friendly guild, who respects one another regardless of differences
We will assist pvp orientated members in any way possible
All ages friendly, We realize Adults have jobs, and kids, and most teenagers have jobs as well. We will be working our raid schedule around the guild in an effort to get everyone involved as much as possible.

More detailed information below!


We are a populist approach to a representative democracy. We have a three branch system, a Supreme Chancellor, The Senate, and The Assembly. The Supreme Chancellor oversees all decisions made by The Senate and The Assembly. He appoints leadership positions and vetoes decisions as necessary. The Senate oversees the guild at a logistic level to make sure the way the guild is run is good for the guild as a whole. The Assembly oversees the guild at a personnel level to make sure the way the guild is run is good for the members of the guild first before the guild. This system creates a balance that is beneficial to the members. The idea is for our members to be influential on guild decisions and become a cohesive unit.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is quite simple, we aim to immerse ourselves in the Stars Wars universe with like minded friends, and conquer everything the game has to offer. We are a Light Role playing guild. Our guild requires all members to create a background for their character and to play as that character in game. That's all that's required, be the character you created, when you play in game. We do not roleplay in voice chat as that can take away from the immersion we are looking to achieve.

Our hope in this, is to create an environment where everyone can have fun, regardless of their experience with Role Playing, And no one feels intimidated by the task of doing so.

Our primary focus at end game is raiding. We will be an efficient and well organized team to complete raiding quickly and get tons of loot, of course! Another aspect of our guild will involve PVP. We plan to be well integrated into the PVP scene. We expect to achieve a high standing among the PVP ranks. As long as you are having fun, and enjoying your experience, and are willing to help the guild advance as a whole than we are the guild for you.

We do require users to be able to install voice chat software for raids, and have a character profile Role play purposes. There are plenty of members that can help you with creating character profiles. Do not shy away from this if you have no experience. It's really fun. Please apply below at our website!

http://www.republicallianceguild.com/forum/ (Please excuse slow load times, we will be changing server hosts as soon as our billing cycle ends)

Direct link to application template: http://www.republicallianceguild.com/forum/index.php?topic=2.0

Recruiting Status:
Jedi Knight:Open
Jedi Consular:Open
Leadership Positions:Some Openings

03-16-2011, 12:55 PM

During the time after the defeat in Coruscant, the Jedi and Senate grew leery of each other. The Senate no longer saw the Jedi fit as the sole protectors of the Republic While the Jedi remained loyal to the Republic they didn’t agree with many less than admirable decisions made by politicians in the Senate who had become untrustworthy. Four men, two Jedi and two Senators, sought against the will of their superiors, to organize against the Sith Empire which now spread rampant through the galaxy. The group had to meet in private due to the threat this kind of meeting posed on their lives. They selected an abandoned unit deep within one of the more dangerous industrial districts of Coruscant to avoid suspicion, an unlikely choice…

Descending quickly to the depths of the Undercity, Gorek brought the Defender to rest beside an abandoned droid manufacturing facility. The billboard along the front was indistinguishable other than a small logo for Czerka Corp near the right corner. “Czerka’s never been one to stick around for long,” said Hurr-Senn. Hurr-Senn stood outside the spacecraft, scanning through the dense fog. He was a head shorter than Gorek and struggled to get a view above it. Nevertheless, Hurr-Senn would never be underestimated because of his height. A thick scar ran across his pale grey skin on the left side of his face. His bright blonde hair didn’t seem to match the pale color of his eyes. They almost seemed lifeless. Blaster fire could still be heard over the deafening wine of the Defender’s engines cooling. Everyone knows Coruscant’s Undercity wasn’t a place to get comfortable. The place was crawling with every kind of low life looking to score a credit. Assassins here will work for death sticks let alone the flow of credits the Hutts use to exploit them. The fog offers just enough cover if someone can move quickly enough, thought Hurr-Senn. He examined an old decommissioned T3 droid near the ship while he waited for Gorek. He noticed the droid was missing the rear rotary mechanism and had heavy blaster scoring. A shrieking hot bolt seared past his head as he instinctively lunged beside the access ramp. “There’s two of them,“ said Gorek as he leaped down the side of the ramp out of nowhere. A couple short blasts gave away the first position. They could sense the other taking flank along the front of the defender. “Voor’din double crossed us, that bastard,” said Gorek. His bulky frame made for a larger target but he ran and leapt with expert athleticism. He was young and handsome unlike his companion. His shoulder length, brown hair was ridiculously messy which Herr-Senn assumed was because he is blind, born without eye sockets as was every other Miraluka. Gorek ran with intense speed across the loose, rocky ground leaving sunken tracks and dust in his path. He leapt into a barrage of blaster fire, deflecting the blasts in all directions off his yellow lightsaber, streaking in patterns all around him. He sliced his lightsaber through dark green flesh with swift accuracy and landed in front of a Rodian now squealing at the sight of her arms lying on the ground in front of her. Herr-Senn stood to confront the second assassin, moving to flank them, just as the singe of a deflected blast hit and smoked from the arm of his robe. He stepped out to confront the accomplice, standing in the green glow of his lightsaber. The only sounds he could hear were the cries of the Rodian assassin and fog lightly tingeing by the heat of his blade. A blast sounded far in front of him and a bounty hunter burst upwards from the fog. It clung to him until his jet pack seemed to burn the last of it off. Gorek stepped back up behind him. “We don’t have much time. Let’s get to Morian and Rho’Gha to solidify this,” said Hurr-Senn. …

Senator Morian Thuesk and Ro’Gha Bandeen, proposed an alliance with the Jedi order to the Senate. The proposition was voted down. The Supreme Chancellor at the front of the opposition, had confidence in newly trained trooper squads of Special Forces, for the defense of the Republic. He sought to regain control of the galaxy through the Senate’s military power. At the Same time Master Jedi Hurr-Sen Jathe and Gorek Deth, Morian and Ro’Gha’s counterparts, proposed alliance to the Jedi Council who also denied it. They didn’t think it would be wise for the Jedi to become, once again, associated with corrupt politicians. As a result, Hurr-Senn, Gorek, Morian, and Ro’Gha defied their superiors and met to pursue the alliance in secret. The terms included recruiting elite sectors of the Senate’s new Special Forces and hiring several rogue Smuggler groups still loyal to the Republic. The alliance would initially form in a remote area of Tython with plans to move their base of operations to the Outer Rim Territories, specifically the Hoth system. The success of this plan relies on absolute secrecy, code named “Echo”…

We are the continuation of the Republic Alliance which took sacrifices and bloodshed to achieve. Our focus is to combat the Sith Empire and restore democracy to the galaxy.

03-16-2011, 10:09 PM
Looking forward to seeing more applicants :) Always nice to read peoples back stories for their characters.

03-23-2011, 08:26 PM
we have updated our site a little, and as always we are still recruiting.

I look forward to seeing your applications!