View Full Version : Coupons and stuff!

03-22-2011, 03:59 PM
I've gone and registered with a dozen-odd websites for coupons I (hopefully) will use, and a few more sites like plasticjungle.com for buying gift cards at a discount.

Of course, I did some searching on a couple of those sites (plastic jungle, city deals) and they're both BBB-accredited. There are some very negative reviews on these discounted gift card sites, but they say the same," I placed my order and spent my money, but for some reason their support is lame and it took me forever to get my $$ back or card."

I mean, it's a nice variety of complaints, but they don't seem to indicate which product they "bought." Just angry or upset comments. And then the positive 5-star reviews glow with praise, but don't get into details.

I figure the reviewers didn't want to give a succinct real-life "Where's what happened from day one." It's a shame--I just want to know if these discounted gift cards can be bought online. I'm pretty sure that big ones like $50+ might be scams, so I was going to stick to $5-25 cards.

Still, it's pretty hard sometimes to tell a scam and honest offer apart, so can anyone direct me to some legit websites that deal with coupons and discounted gift cards? Thanks!