View Full Version : Crash @ Nihilus/Visas Introduction

Christos K
04-17-2011, 05:26 PM
Right after Visas says she will follow the signal to it's source (or something like that) that camera view goes back to Nihilus and he starts to say something when the game freezes. This has happened twice in a row now. I have tried replacing the ScnMov01.bik file but that does not help.
The two major mods that I have installed,
TSLRCM 1.7 and available fixes plus the Unofficial Patch by Hassat Hunter
USM plus it's needed patches. (Installed with TSLRCM Compatibility patch.)

04-17-2011, 05:49 PM
Have you tried perusing the TSLRCM thread in the Taris Upper City Emporium or the Deadlystream forums to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem?

Christos K
04-17-2011, 06:19 PM
Not quite but I did look at what the mod patches fixed did to see if I still need one.
I'll try checking the forums.
I shouldn't have been so lazy. I found the issue. http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/637-game-crashes-during-visas-movie/
There's the link in case anyone else wants to know how I fixed it.