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04-25-2011, 04:58 PM
Serenity A Pre-Launch PvE/PvP Guild

About Us

Serenity is a casual EST pre-launch guild recruiting all classes and specializations. We will be raiding end-game content 2-3 nights per week along with one night dedicated to pvp. All playstyles and Guild Alliances are welcome. The core of Serenity is made up of a group of real life friends and a long time World of Warcraft raiding guild. We are normal people with normal lives.

Our Focus

To have fun of coarse! PvE progression is our main goal, but we will be doing scheduled world PvP events and warzones. Overall, we aim to experience and conquer as much content as possible.

Raid Times

All raid and pvp schedules will be voted on in polls and finalized a month before game release. We will accomodate the majority of the guild.


Current Roster Needs

Jedi Consulars (High) Jedi Knights (Medium) Smugglers (High) Troopers (High)


Guild & Website Rules


Please be respectful to each and every member you come across. You may not have the same tastes or ideas but we have a zero tolerance approach when it comes to drama. The guild is fashioned to be a likeable place and that is how it will remain. Even with this rule, if you have a problem with another member, don't let it fester. Talk to the other member, and if it's still not resolved, talk to an admin. Don't cause arguments on the site.


This will be an immediate ban-able offense if you intentionally attack someone over their age, race, religion, gender, sexuality or political views. We do not accept any form of bullying and if you feel you are being bullied then please contact an admin as soon as possible so we can resolve this situation as soon as possible!


Activity is a factor every guild faces troubles with. Serenity expects members to be interested, driven and wishing to take part when they join as well as maintaining a certain level of activity. If you are going to be inactive for so many days / weeks and are aware that you will be, please have the courtesy to let everyone know in the proper section of the forums. If your account has not been accessed in a 30 day period it will be automatically deleted by the site admin to rid our site of “parasites” and “time wasters”.

Thread Posting

When posting a thread please take a minute of your time to determine whether it may be offensive to one of our members. We would like every member to feel safe and secure within Serenity and would be disappointed if anyone was to try and undermine this effort. Is your post relevant or would it spark a thread war? Please keep this in mind when you are replying or starting a thread.

Serenity (http://www.swtor-serenity.enjin.com/)

04-28-2011, 12:18 AM
This is a awesome group of people anyone who wants to have a fun time in swtor you should join this guild.
Also they are in an alliance with us "Academy of republic" so there will be a lot of fun times to come for any one who joins us.

GL of AoR