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04-26-2011, 10:02 AM

Who and what is Celtic Thunder?:
Celtic Thunder is a branch of a guild from WOW called the Hidden on the Perenolde server. We are a small group of players dedicated to having fun and helping one another with our goals.

Celtic Thunder is a family oriented guild. While we have an age limit on 18 years of that does not apply to children of members who wish to join us

Type of server: PVE

Time Zone:
Our leader lives in the pacific time zone as do others. But not all of us are pst. There seems to be people in our guild in WOW at all hours of the day and night.

Language If you can speak English then great.

Philosophy:We feel that while large guilds can be awesome there is also a huge potential for unwanted drama. This is not to disparage those creating large guilds but we have chosen to keep our guild small to a membership of 30 to avoid the chances that personalities will conflict.

Every one is given something to do so they can feel some ownership of their guild. Also keeping the number to 30 members will help to keep track of every one and avoid the lost sheep syndrome and a person quits because they feel ignored.

Guild Leader Cerina says, "It is NOT my guild even though I lead it and created it. It is OUR guild which is the entire membership."

Every member is important.

Use of Ventrilo:We want all members of the guild to install Ventrilo and take part in at minimum listening to what is going on. We do not require you to have a mic.

Maturity: Even though we specified being over 18 years of age above we expect all members to be mature and treat all other with respect and kindness. That goes for how they treat the general population of the server.

Role Play:There is none to speak of but we do not frown upon it or make fun of those who do.

Leadership style:
Our leader does not believe in micro-managing people. She will delegate responsibilities where it is needed. She is organized with events and keeping track of them. She does not believe in yelling at members. Simple fact is who wants to log in and be yelled at because you screwed up in an event? The point of the game is to have fun and not take it seriously.

To Learn more about our leader please read the interview here: http://maximusjacobus.blogspot.com/2011/03/meet-players-cerina.html#more

To apply to the guild please visit: http://www.swtor.com/guilds/16827/celtic-thunder

The official email address for the guild is cerina.at.celtic.thunder@gmail.com please contact us there for any further questions


Also to those who may be interested we are in need of someone who has experience working on websites. When applying please put if you would be interested in such a position.