View Full Version : KSE help!

06-29-2011, 12:55 PM
ok so i was going to use KSE, but when i opened it up, it said "Dialog.tlk error"..."Attempted to read past end of dialog.tlk (tried to read string 136389 but dialog.tlk has 136364 entries)"..."KotOR2 Spells.2da" what does this mean??? can it be fixed? i use mods, but this problem has never come up with KSE before. the only things that edit the Dialog.tlk files that i have (i think) are TSLRCM 1.6/1.7, TSLRCM and USM compatability mod, and the USM itself, and i had used these before with the exception of the USM/TSLRCM compatability mod. does anyone know what's wrong and/or how to fix it?