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Clan of Five Rings
" Let there be neither insufficiency nor excess in your mind, be inwardly stronghearted, show no flaws"
Founded : June 03th, 2010

- - -

Server ::: PvP (European / International) Server
Leader ::: Raven Sazen, Grand Khan of the Clan (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/profile/535136)
Allegiance ::: Clan of Five Rings (http://www.swtor.com/guilds/122062/clan-five-rings)
Governing Ideology ::: Kurultai (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_Empire#Law_and_governance)
Region ::: International (UTC +0)
Guild Activities ::: PvP(Open World/flash points) PvE, End Game Content & So Forth

- - -

Homepage ::: Clan of Five Rings website (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/)
Email ::: Questions for the Clan of Five Rings (mailto:jhide@sbcglobal.net)
Recruitment Post ::: Clan of Five Rings Recruitment Post
Sponsor ::: Clan of Five Rings Sponsor, Generic Gaming (http://genericgaming.enjin.com/)
Facebook ::: Clan of Five Rings Facebook Page
Twitter ::: Clan of Five Rings Twitter Page
YouTube ::: Clan of Five Rings YouTube Channel
Application ::: Clan of Five Rings - Apply Here! (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/recruitment)

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Guild Members ::: 91 (EU & US Members)
Recruitment Status ::: Open - Limited - Closed
Recruiting Classes ::: Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler & Trooper


About Clan of Five Rings
Clan of Five Rings is a very well-structured and professional guild, but we never lose sight of the single most important aspect of gaming... FUN! After all, one of the primary reasons to join a guild is to make friends and have people that you know and enjoy to game with. We are primarily focused on the PvP aspect of SWTOR, and we are seeking people with a good backround in team based PvP.

Clan of Five Rings has a strong mixture of casual and core gamers. It is important to note that while we are casual-friendly, we do hold a modicum of activity guidelines to ensure all of our members remain a part of our community and get to interact with each another regularly. However, it is also important to note that we do not make being in a guild a second job nor do we frown upon anyone who can't make every scheduled guild event or be in voice chat 24/7, etc... We fully understand the need for prioritization in people's lives. Many of us have families and obligations outside of the game ourselves. As such, we are very understanding of people's time. We do not require our members to log in daily and spend an X amount of hours online, or participate in X number of raids, etc...

Common courtesy is the foundation of our expectations for Clan of Five Rings members. We will be respectful of your time and ask that you also be respectful to the guild by participating and being an active helpful Clan member when in game. Rude or disrespectful people will not be tolerated in Clan.

Code of Conduct

No (Republic) Double Guilding (meaning you join more than one (Republic) guild), this is not tolerable by most guilds and shows you have split loyalties. This shows your uninterested with showing respect and loyalty towards everyone in here and you will be immediately removed.

Always be loyal and dutiful to the Guild. I ask that all members of Clan of the Five Rings show loyalty to the Guild Leader, Members of the Guild Council, Guild Superiors and its members, and show loyalty to the guild itself.

Always show respect, honesty, maturity, and compassion to all members, guest and allies. We are all equals in the world and the galaxy, thus we must respect one another as who they are and what they wish to be.<Sith are not included in this rule :)>

If a member is in need of help, has a question, or is in any need of assistance, do not hesitate to help them or assist them in any way you can, if your unsure if you can help or assist the one in need of assistance, please report this issue or make it known to either the Guild Leader, a Member of the Guild Council or a Superior and let them handle and assist the person.

We do not accept Racism, Sexism or Homophobia of any kind. Insulting other members, or making a personal attack on any other member in our guild. There shall be no inquires on any memberís sexual orientation or sex. This will be resolved by an instant kick from the guild. If you have any problems or gripes with another player in the guild, please contact a Clan Superior or Clan Leader.

General Activity Requirements (GAR):
Clan of Five Rings defines "general activity" as making an effort to be a part of our community. This includes actively posting within our forums, chatting with fellow guild members in our Website chat, playing games with one another, and/or chatting with others on Teamspeak or other voice chat.

"AFK" (away from keyboard) is the acronym we use to describe a period of inactivity; the time in which a member does not or is unable to visit and post in the forums, play games with other guild members, chat with fellow guild members, etc...

Guild Leaders/Higher Officers (aka "Division Heads") - The Division Heads are held accountable to activity guidelines just as everyone else but even more so due to the nature of the types of things a Division Head might have to deal with at any given time. Any Division Head that goes AFK for more than 5 days without prior notice in the AFK section will be demoted to officer.

Officers/Deputies - Like guild leaders, officers must also be readily available to field issues/questions and display a high level of activity. Any officer that goes AFK for more than 7 days without prior notice in the AFK section will be demoted to Regular member.

Regular members - Regular members are the lifeblood of the guild, but they may not have responsibilities to fulfill on a regular basis that requires devout attention to the forums or elsewhere. Their main responsibility is to be active, contribute to the overall atmosphere and befriend each other to help establish the tight knit community that we strive to be. Any member that goes AFK for more than 21 days without prior notice in the AFK section will be removed from the guild.

Forum Posting Requirements (FPR):
As a pre-release guild, forums activity is paramount. We do not require everyone to be a "forum warrior," but a reasonable presence on the forums is expected. After all, the primary reason to join a pre-release guild is to be a part of the community building phase leading up to the game's release and these forums are the best place to do so


Aims of Clan of Five Rings
Clan of Five Rings is to be a guild where equality, respect, honour, compassion and hope is at. We want everyone to be equals in this guild and treat everyone as an equal. We wish to be a guild that shows that Republic guilds can also accept Grey and Dark siders if they wish to fight for the Republic and the People.

To eradicate the Sith Empire, restore the Republic back to its former glory, defend the people of the Republic, and end corruption and all the wrongs in life.

To create a strong, supportive and reliable guild to rival other Republic guilds, one with vast numbers of active members and a buzzing community working together, both guild members and superiors, to create a fun, entertaining and fantastic guild and place to be a part of for the long run.


Story of Clan of Five Rings

To see more of the story, or even feature in it yourself, sign-up on the Galactic Coalition Website and become a fully-fledged member!
You can also find out more about our heritage and the 'Guild's History and Context within The Star Wars Universe'...Here! (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/clanoffiveringshistory)


Structure of Clan of Five Rings
For each of the three types of classes available there will be Twelve Ranks and One Division Head Rank with the possibility of Deputies in the future for deserving applicants and members (we appreciate that not everyone wants to decide what they want to be yet or what side to play for and so we've designed a ranking system for our Undecided Members and in the future we hope to develop it more to our members likings - maybe even with your help!).The Clan Council doesn't count as a Rank, it only stands for people who will be in the leadership of the guild to make decisions etc together. Also all classes, no matter what should help their own class and/or another class...Example: If a Trooper Private is in need of help on a question or has a thought about the guild and a Jedi class lead is around, then itís that Jedi's duty to help him or answer as best he/she can.

The Clan Council
Member's of the Clan Council will meet regularly to discuss any issues raised by you, discuss direction to take, minor/major changes to implement, plan events/competitions, how best to discipline a member, etc and then Convey these to the Clan Council, as well as any other issues raised by Council members to discuss and then it will be decided upon by a vote.

Minor things/changes deemed not necessary to discuss or vote upon, such as disciplining a guild member, will not necessarily require the Guild Councils permission or a vote to be called. But obviously Major things/changes, such as changing the guild rules or policies, will need an in-depth discussion with The Guild Council and a vote.

The current members of the high council are:
Raven Sazen Grand Khan of the Clan ( http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/profile/535136)
Srest, Vice Khan of the Clan ( http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/profile/573112)
Jovana Grand Priestess of the Temple(Jedi) (http://thegalacticcoalition.enjin.com/profile/569554)
TBA, Master Warrior of the Five (Trooper) (http://thegalacticcoalition.enjin.com/profile/562432)
TBA, Shadow Master (Smugglers) (http://thegalacticcoalition.enjin.com/profile/508765)

Leader: Grand Priestess of the Temple
The Jedi is the face of the Galactic Republic, providing light and hope to the people of the galaxy. Hours of extensive training lead to the Jedi becoming the ultimate in fighting power. The Jedi's unrivaled ability makes combat look graceful and aesthetic, whilst completing the task with minimal effort. The Jedi intimidates its foe, whilst providing moral and physical support to the comrades around him.

Ranking Structure of the Jedi:

Command: Jovana, Grand Priestess of the Temple ( http://thegalacticcoalition.enjin.com/profile/569554)
Second in Command: -TBA-, Grand Prelate
Second in Command: -TBA-, Grand Prelate

Force Sensitive
Jedi Novice
Senior Knight

Leader: Master Warrior of the Five
Where would the Republic be without its loyal Army of Troopers to follow its commands? Highly respected, incredibly strong and versatile, these amazing Troopers are the only reason the Republic is still capable of winning its wars.

Ranking Structure of the Troopers:

Command: []TBA, Master Warrior of the Five [/url]
Second in Command: -TBA-,
Second in Command: -TBA-,

Staff Sergeant
Sergeant First Class
Master Sergeant
Lieutenant Colonel

Leader: Shadow Master
An adventurous spirit whoís not afraid to break a few rules can make a handsome profit hauling cargo to hotspots, but it requires fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster. Even then, the life of a Smuggler is always a gamble.

Ranking Structure of the Troopers:

Command: []TBA Shadow Master[/url]
Second in Command: -TBA-, Admiral
Second in Command: -TBA-, Admiral

Freight Handler


Guild Requirements of Clan of Five Rings

You must own a legitimate copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic
You must own a legitimate copy of Teamspeak 3
You must own a working microphone / headset
You must be above the age of 18, exceptions may apply
You must be able to speak English, to a satisfactory-standard
You must not be in any other organization under the affiliation of the Galactic Republic
You must be active on the forums and be able to commit to at least some guild-hosted events


Joining Clan of Five Rings

Sounds fantastic, how do I join? Joining the Clan of Five Rings has never been easier and is done in three simple steps:

Go to the Clan of Five Rings HQ ( http://www.swtor.com/guilds/122062/clan-five-rings ) page and apply to join CoFR.
Go to the Official Guild Website (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/home ) and register with us at the website.
Fill in a Guild Recruitment Application (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/recruitment ) form and submit it, found in the link provided or in the above menu bar on the website under recruitment.

First of all though, before signing up, as eager as we are to have you, please make sure that you read our rules, guidelines and policies and agree with them before hand.

Then all that's needed to do is wait, and we'll do the rest! While applicants are waiting please feel free to enjoy the use of the website and forums and get to know the community better.

Still not sure if this guild is right for you? No problem just get in contact with me and ask me anything guild related or not to put you at ease for joining! You can contact me here by PM ( http://www.swtor.com/community/private.php?do=newpm&u=945265), on the Guild Website (http://clanoffiverings.enjin.com/dashboard/messages/compose) or by emailing me at: jraven03@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you all soon. May the Force be with you!


Many Regards,
Raven Sazen, Grand Khan of the Clan
Clan Leader of Five Rings

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