View Full Version : Searching for a certain interview and a certain cinematic, can't find.

Darth Avlectus
08-24-2011, 02:52 AM
Item A: A recent interview (obviously this year), cant remember if it was E3 or ComicCon but I do remember a couple details about it:
1) was not a walkthrough, no gameplay
2) the developer or at least bioware employee said during the interview something along the lines of (from my memory or lack thereof) "If you notice some little inconsistencies, it may not be inconsistencies and we may in fact have an agenda" and continued on to say something or other like: "In star wars universe where conflicts are always happening, it may be possible that records are lost and little known details may have faded into obscurity."

I swear I'm not crazy. For the life of me I cannot find this interview. I'm pretty sure it wasn't with Daniel Erickson.

Item B: It's apparently an old cinematic trailer that has been "piblicly available since April 2009", yet I do not see it in the archives at SWTOR.com under that date or similar.

It was a video of some dark jedi or sith who now possesses HK-47 and the Ebon Hawk and they are on tattooine. He is fighting someone.

It is used in part for this guild promotion vid:

Anything to this end for either of these would be greatly appreciated.

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08-27-2011, 09:45 AM
I've searched high and low bud, I cannot find that old trailer cinematic thing anywhere! want to see it myself. regarding the interview, the only one I recall was with Danial Erikson, who was answering critics about the inconsistencies with current canon events and how Bioware want to make it clear that their and other peoples stories are of utmost importance, he also commented on KotOR II's plot involvement... The search continues.