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09-24-2011, 05:20 PM
Sundered Fate

Sundered Fate is a guild currently recruiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you join Sundered Fate you can count on a guild composed of members with years of experience and a strong desire to have the best possible experience with the game. We aim to create a community that is strong in player ability and personality. If you have any questions head on over to our public forum at the link below and ask away.

Summarized information about Sundered Fate
Faction - Republic (Sith branch coming soon)
recruitment status - Currently Recruiting
swtor.com website - http://www.swtor.com/guilds/86386/sunderedfate
play type - PVE and PVP
vent - Will be available but currently not active
recruitment process - application, short trial period
Planned activities - Raids, pvp, crafting, exploration, guild events, material hunting parties and more
role playing - optional
Age requirement: 18. We have been known to make exceptions in the past and will not exclude anyone based on age alone but we are aiming for a mature and fun community.

We are looking for members who are:
respectful and mature individuals
people who know how to have fun
team players

who we dont want:
lone wolves
overly dramatic people
Superiority Complexes