View Full Version : Avlectus' guilds (maybe, maybe not)

Darth Avlectus
11-15-2011, 08:39 PM
Cue intro music:

For the most part I am a loner, however the idea of guilds of my own is an appealing one, especially since this game is about interaction as much as being a loner. So I figure send out a LF invite since there's people who roll with me here. People I know personally IRL as well as people I associate with elsewhere online may be here. As I told them, so shall I admonish you: mutual respect please.

As I am not previously experienced with MMOs I will be new to this scene. Also I intend to make this a casual gaming experience.

Supposing I were to have some guilds, there would be one light side/republic and one dark side/imperial. Not sure if I should have 2 divisions. Part of the reason being that I'm sure general audiences with members under 18 don't need to hear filthy language spoken by adults. :p

Do note that this is more or less a rain check for the eventual day. I won't be able to join at launch on 12/20 this year. It may even be a year from now (currently: 15th, Nov 2011). Nothing is solid ATM. I'll (eventually) get around to this.

As I said just putting out a line for who else here might want to cruise. Entries will be considered. Let me know if interested. Here, VM or PM.