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Qui-Don Jorn
11-26-2011, 07:26 PM
RandomSabers 6 Pack (Version 2.0)

Qui-Don Jorn: Hilts and Colors
Varsity Puppet: Edited Loot script

This is an update to the Randomsabers 4 pack I made before, but now they come in 10 colors and I added the remodeled Lotus hilt and a new one that was originally called the Throttle, which of course, is horrible, so I called it "T-95".
I wanted to make each color have a special property, sort of what TFU2 does with their colors, but obviously within the TSL realm.
Thanks to Varsity Puppet, they will appear randomly in-game with the normal lightsaber and crystal drops instead of just being statically placed.
Also, I should point out that all these hilts have been resized, tweaked and proportioned better than the first RandomSaber release I did, all the hilts look much, much better I think. All the blades flicker (there's also special color types), so don't even worry about it. Thats it. Pretty simple, really.
Crystals included: Heal, Fury, Reflection, Inferno, Shock, Corrosion, Meditation, Frost, Adegan (Energy), Hurrikaine,..

New in version 2.0
Remade all blade textures from scratch, made them 9 frames instead of 4.
Tweaked the flicker rates for the different blade types.
Remade all saber icons from scratch.
Rebalanced blade types, (changed inferno from compressed to unstable).
Got rid of the mint green, replaced with normal dark green.
Made the T-95 have the baremetal texture. Looks better...

Run the TSLPatcher to install

Should be compatible with most other mods. Blade texture names are unique, so it should work with other blade texture mods out there, and VP has assured me it will be compatible with TSLRCM 1.8..
Compatible with VP's High-Poly Tin Cans, HotOR (all versions) and my TSL Default Relacement Hilts. (though VP's HPTC and my default replacements aren't compatible)
Won't be compatible with USM, since .mdl/.mdx files are numbered the same way.





RandomSabers 6 Pack v2.0 (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4B4DEK2K)