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12-14-2011, 10:06 AM
Forgive the remedial nature of this post - I'm brand new to MMOs.

I was playing mostly solo yesterday in PVE, but I needed to group eventually to finish one of the missions (Heroic). I could not figure out how to leave the group when we were done, so I ended up searching for it on the help menu. I made this mistake of leaving the guild, however, instead of the group. I typed some command similar to "/quit guild". Now when I log on to the server I no longer have the option to join my guild. I created a ticket but I have no idea when to expect an answer there.

Anyone have any advice? I don't want to permanently quit my guild - I was only trying to leave the group after the mission was complete. For the record, I now know how to leave a group.

Thanks in advance.

Lynk Former
12-14-2011, 10:19 AM
Get in contact with your guild leader of one of the officers and ask them to send another guild invite to your character to let them back into the guild. Of course, they can only send your character an invite if you're online. Unfortunately TOR doesn't allow people to send invites to players who are offline at the moment... which is something I find extremely frustrating :\

I'm sure your guild has other methods of communication such as a website/forum/email/instant messaging so you can get in contact with other people in the guild so it should be easy to get into contact with them.

12-14-2011, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the help - I posted this same question on our guild website forum - so hopefully I'll get a response soon.

Interestingly, when I log onto swtor.com, it still has me listed in the same guild, so I don't know if the system permanently removed me from the guild or just that character. I guess I could create another character when I get home from work to test it out.