View Full Version : [REPUBLIC] The Esseles Flashpoint [SPOILERS]

12-26-2011, 10:54 AM
Ok, so did this one yesterday and completed it, most people have trouble with this flashpoint, but here are some tips on how to beat it.

1. I recommend having at least 1 Jedi Consular to heal and fight the non bosses. And one Jedi Knight for main combat (During the flashpoint that I've done, had one lv 16 sage consular and me + another guy as Jedi Knights.)

2. Make sure to take some might stims and medpacs.

3. You have to kill all the non boss enemies on the ship (Not as hard.). Then when you get to Ironfist, have the consular take out the bounty hunters while the Jedi knight or anyone else takes Ironfist. He will be very hard.

4. Continue on with the mission, when you get to the last Dark Jedi boss, do the same method from Ironfist, have the consular take non bosses and Jedi Knight or other take the boss.

5. You will complete the mission!

This flashpoint also took about 3 hours to complete.