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The year is 2559, more than 5 centuries ago, the planet formerly known as Earth had run out of fossil fuels. What became known as World War III started when the United States of America declared that their oil reserves were finally empty. This, of course, was a lie. America, taking the advantage of it's relationship with the central american countries as well as Mexico and Canada, allied with Russia and the European countries to attack and seize the oil reserves of the African countries, creating the Alliance of Free Countries.

The Africans did not go down without a fight, most of America, Mexico and Canada were obliterated in a massive nuclear war. Russia soon after offered it's help to these countries in exchange of a big cut in the oil reserve.

China, taking the advantage of the weakness of the Alliance, seized the territory of Irak and Iran but they soon realized that what little was left of the reserves would not be enough to sustain the world. Scientists of all the major organisms and institutions in science and research discused the matter but all options pointed to what was inevitable.

The end of the world.

Soon after the greenhouse effect started to become more dangerous, life in the desert became unsustainable and animals and flora from all over the planet started to die. The dams started to go dry and the electric services became insanely expensive. Poverty was the way of life more than 95% of the world's population.

In all the chaos, Russia and China, along with Japan and the remains of the AFC joined forces to build a space station that would support human life as it moved through space with destination to a planet discovered by Japanese scientists. This planet was without a name and was soon after called Hope, a fitting name for Humankind's last chance of survival.

The space station was almost 3 times the size of Texas. Thousands upon thousands of human beings were selected for the travel and the last of the oil reserves were deposited into the space station to create an impulse so strong that it would send the station on it's course to arrive at the planet in the next 200 years.

The result was succesful, the good news was followed by a terrible one. After almost 12 years, the onboard Scientists finally came to the conclusion that the Earth, was finally dead and so was everyone left on it.

As the expedition party was getting ready to go down to the planet, an asteroid collided with the space station spliting it into two. One part crash landed and the other stayed in orbit examining the planet for life possibilities. A colony was built over the planet with only 300 people, this colony was called Sparta in reminescence of human history.

A rescue expedition was soon carried out to learn of the fate of the people in the other half of the station. Thirty men left for it, only two came back.

The atmosphere of the planet contained a bacteria that caused madness, mutation and agression. The people of that crash were now less than human, some gained more strength, others more speed, others more endurance. Their numbers grew and their new species branched like different kinds of spiders. A new name was given to these creatures, those who were our brothers, now are our enemies, some call them evolved humans but evolution is not that cruel.

The name we called them came from the number given to their part of the living quarters, BR13D3R, so they were called Brieders. Their leader, Doctor Higgins, now Lord Artus and his generals now seek to destroy Sparta after almost 50 years of complete silence.

Sparta is now the first human city. Almost the size of the USA and Canada combined. Sparta is our last defence against the invading Brieders who have also made their city deep in the mountains of what has been called The Hive. They had the time to make weapons, but we are not without our resources. Human numbers have grown, but so have theirs. The battle now takes place in the hills of Cretia, the abandoned human facility now taken by the Brieders. We must find a way to get to their capital and destroy them, underground they're more powerful but under the sky, we are the masters.

The toxin in the air was neutralized thirty years ago, now we can run free in the world. But be careful with Brieder weaponry as their Klaut-guns launch small injection darts that contain deadly viruses. Thank god they only have limited supplies, and us an antidote. But on the battlefield you must be careful, for the only antidote out there is death...

Ok I had done this RP in the past and I had a special request from a friend to bring it back and I thought I'd come back here after my huge leave and bring this and see if it interests any of you. I rewrote some of the story to add a few more things and revise it to give it a bigger scale.

Standard stuff really, no godmodding, no flaming, no major plot changes without consulting me, although I do encourage your ideas, so bring them on and we'll talk about it. :D

Character Sheet
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Appearence: (Pic or detailed paragraph)

Ok, now for my character:

Character Sheet
To participate please fill in the following form:

Name: Mio Kobayakawa
Gender: Female
Age: 26

Personality: Mio is a woman with a strong presence despite being rather small in size. She has always lent a helping hand and has no trouble being tough as a soldier. She is also a little withdrawn but has no problem listening and offering advice to others when they need it.
Biography: Mio is the daughter of General Hiro Kobayakawa and Doctor Aoi Suzuhara. As a soldier's daughter, she was educated first hand on what being a military woman means, a deep sense of honor and tradition. Her combat training began under fire as the military camp on Calgary Ridge was attacked soon after she arrived on station. Helping her fellow soldiers, she led a single squad against a group of brieders and earned her a special commendation, she was made sergeant after her third incursion on Brieder territory. Now she is one of the women in charge of one of the squads in the platoon heading for the Hills of Cretia, to counter the relentless Brieder attack.
Strengths: Marksmanship, Close Quarters Combat and a great sense of honor.
Weaknesses: She is quick to anger when someone raises questions about her rising in rank because she's either a woman or a General's daughter, sometimes making the hard desicions takes a toll on her emotionally and yes, she considers this a weakness. She also takes foolhardy decisions about herself because she wants to prove herself to her father.

Appearence: http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/9184/koreansoldiergirlwallpa.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/638/koreansoldiergirlwallpa.jpg/)

Not exactly like that... but you get the idea, I just didn't want to get a random anime pic XD

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:drop2: Uuuunnnnduh!!!! You...You....You....You brought back Brieder War!!! Oh Shana I could kiss you(too bad I don't know you IRL.... :raise: - JK....Kinda)!!

Oh thank you! I am definitely (re)joining! Expect my Character Sheet very soon! Now, I am off to drool on the floor in pure uncontrolled joy! :drool2:

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I'm glad, I did this in part for you ;) so you better join :p

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Daaaahhh, I'm blushing, you did!? Well thank you, I don't know what to say.....

But yes I am going to (re)join, you can count on that! :D

Edit: And here it is, my Character Sheet, as mentioned and like requested! (Been awhile since I've Rp'ed hm...? Hope I'm not too rusty, heh heh!)

Name: Unit's Serial-#: S202A
Rank: Master Gunnery Sergeant
Gender: Male
Age: 30

Personality: Dry and cold; his voice is smooth and silky but with a hollow and emotionless feeling to it, often chilling to mind and bone. Truly he lacks any real personality, other than a slightly homicidal one, plus being a sociopath (in terms of no relative sociological capabilities and connections with others, not psychopathy) to boot.
Biography: Sent to a Psionic Training program, he was trained and created to be a better soldier for both battlefield and singular operations. The program was devised by the military, in an attempt to train the best soldiers humanity could offer. The program was dubbed the S-A program, and units trained in the program were known as Shades.

He is well trained in all weapons, and martial arts, he is highly capable as a soldier, but as a human, he lacks. Shades are feared more than respected, but are much appreciated when they accompany a group of soldiers, because of their uses on the battlefield. (In)Famous for their highly advanced psi-powered hostile environment (or H.E.S.) suits and rudimentary but effective ocular implants: They also sport chameleon technology, multipurpose goggles, and a lock-down system that can knock out electronic equipment for a short time (is not an EMP or Chaff Grenade). They also sport a new breed of weapon, all purpose, and capable of firing multiple round sizes, the most common used round in the rifle the size of a small soda can (I'd say a redbull can is about the approximate size of the weapon's designated rounds); roughly 22mm. The weapon is known as the Y2 Canister Rifle.

And let's not forget to mention there most feared ability, the ability to remotely signal any missile silo nearby (even if it's miles away), and have it launch it's most powerful implements, often standing at a safe distance, but on some occasions Shades have been known to sacrifice themselves, and even a few others, to stop oncoming Brieder hordes from reaching civilization. This is oftentimes an over-exaggerated occurrence and ability as Shades have to be cleared by their commanding or superior officers before implementing such extreme measures, and only in the most dire of situations are they allowed to activate this ability without clearance. Mostly the ability is used in specific procedures and missions to destroy large Brieder encampments or bases, but very rarely, and once used is set on a cooldown process to re-establish a link with the next closest silo; often cooldowns can take hours as it is meant to restrict the abuse of the ability since the money and resources it takes to create and arm missiles no matter what kind within these silos is both scarce and immense. Though even the cooldown process can be overridden if the link is reestablished, and the situation calls for it, but this is often done in truly the most dire and apocalyptic of events.

Do to these factors Shades have short life expectancies. Though long-lived Shades are not uncommon; S202A being an example of this.

S202A is a well known Shade, often doing his missions successfully, no matter the cost. But in his extended time on the battlefield with moral and emotional human beings, he's begun to feel the strain on mind, and body to understand the things he sees. Though he was created to feel no such thing as fear, he fears one thing indefinitely, his, 'retirement', as the military calls it, where Shades who've begun to 'contract', as it were, too many feelings are sent back to the 'Prism', the S-A training grounds, and there they are decommissioned.

With that, they are gene spliced, studied, autopsied, and broken down; the best genes in them are taken, analyzed, and put in cold storage for uses not even the Shades know. This is the one thing he fears, and he only hopes that his last mission will be a long one, if not the one he can find his death on.

Strengths: Psionic Enhancing; Weapon Expert; Hand-To-Hand; Stealth/Covert Training
Weaknesses: Lack of Personality (Sociopath/Indifference); Mental strain due to contracting feelings which conflict with his emotionless/sociopathic nature; Others fears and mistrust of Shades due to stereotyping and their psionic nature

General Appearance: You Called Down The Thunder... (http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m163/Boomernugget/OMG_its_another_Terran_Ghost_by_-1.jpg)

Alternate Appearance: Now Reap The Whirlwind... (http://www.lucasforums.com/picture.php?albumid=589&pictureid=8802)

S202A's Appearance: Kaboom... (http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/119/f/7/Ghost_SC_by_Karkan.jpg)

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I'll try to make my character in a few days. I feel brain-dead right now... :xp:

Not only that, I also don't know what type of weaponry / technological advancements they have.

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I can't truly answer for Shana, but I can say with my experience of this RP (it is a recreation after all, seeing as it's called Brieder War Reloaded, thus the reason I have any experience with it) that the technology doesn't go much further beyond modern stuff.

Think Gears of War mixed with Starcraft (the terran's tech, not Protoss, way too advanced).

You get the idea. But like I said, this is Shana's RP, so the official stuff is hers to say. :D

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Shana, I never thought I'd see you again on this forum! I'd love to join...

Name: Cadice Marin
Gender: Female
Age: 34

Personality: Do you see that tall woman, with a distinctively French-featured face and a white lab coat? That's Cadice Marin: a researcher, computer technician, and amateur medic. Even though she's a "jack" of all these trades (and master of none), what sets her above her peers is her extraordinary curiosity. She delves deeper than others think she should into whatever she's studying, whether it's a treatise on humanity's downfall or the latest virus threatening to infect cybernetworks everywhere. Her main view on the Brieders is that one must understand them in order to defeat them.

Strengths: Intelligence, inquisitiveness, and compassion.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to manipulation, and she can't fight AT ALL. If she gets sent into a combat unit, she'll need extensive weapon training first.

Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marion_Cotillard

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I told this to Chevron but I will post it here too so you guys can get an idea, like Archon said was mostly correct, but to elaborate:

As far as guns go, think mass effect in terms that all weapons mostly are ballistic-like still but do not require the usual bullet cartridges, instead they use Krillium cells which is supposed to be a material found in the planet that's comparable to Lithium-ion batteries but like 100 times better and are also rechargeable on the field. The only draw back of the weapons is that the metal is prone to overheat if continually fired in spray. Some other guns do still use cartridges like Shotguns, but Assault Rifles, handguns and SMGs do use the other system. Sniper Rifles are mini rail guns, think of them as futuristic siege weapons but far more portable, the only drawback is that they overheat quickly and need recharge time once the ammo capacity has been depleted but they self supply as well as the rifles as long as the battery cell has power.

Grenades are comparable to that which you find in halo in terms of plasma grenades which adhere to walls and other things, even enemies and your normal frags, there are also incendiary, flash, poison gas, and utility grenades like Chaff Grenades that disperse small metallic strips into the air, temporarily disrupting electronic sensor equipment within the vicinity and the Heavy HG13 Anti-Heavy grenades made to destroy heavy assault vehicles or in the Brieder's case the Huge mutant Panzers.

On the defensive side we have the soldiers wearing light anti frag and ballistic armor. Helmets equipped with comms, nightvision, thermal vision, and realtime GPS locator all in the visor provided with a heads up display that monitors also body functions with the armor sensors.

There are also heavier suits of armor, these are harder to move in, slow but counter this with heavy resistance to both ballistic and missile damage. The Titan12 suits were designed initially for building structures and moving around heavy equipment but their use in the battlefield was far more than anyone expected. They usually carry siege rail guns that fire 4.5 rounds per minute and are equipped with Miniguns. The Suit also has a feature that allows the soldier to take a full defensive position, the suit turns into a turret of sorts gripping itself to the terrain and offering the user a much more controlled recoil, power and even powering up the defensive armor to withstand the heaviest of attacks, but it reduces mobility to the max as the user is completely rooted to the ground until the mode is disengaged.

Some structures have plasma shields like forward command centers but these are too big still to be made for personal use.

01-05-2012, 05:53 PM
So, sniper rifles would be similar to the gauss cannons from Halo? Since gauss cannons fire hyper-velocity, high-density rods, it sounds similar enough to me.

Thanks! I'll work on my character later, as I just got back home and I have to edit my two most recent posts in the Sith Resurrection: The Eleventh Hour.

Chevron 7 locke
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((Here we go! Looking forward to this one :)))

Name: Kaivon Gosron

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Personality: Kaivon has a deep sense of honor and never goes back on his word, not even to an enemy. He is a kind and compassionate man who was for a time haunted by the actions of his past. He was forced to kill a fellow solder who was too badly wounded to survive and was in too much pain. This brought about a dark point in his life but he was able to get through it.

Biography: Kaivon was born on Sparta and had a pretty average childhood until he lost his aunt and uncle to a brieder attack. Against the wishs of his parents he joined the military and has been serving ever since.

Strengths: Heavy weapons training, Light and medium weapons training. Hand to hand combat expert, heavy armor training. He is also stronger then the average man.

Weaknesses: Lack of social skills with most people unless he knows them well. He also is a bit naive and some people have called him simple minded.

Appearence: Kaivon is 6,9 and when not in combat he wears a black t-shirt and dark blue pants. When he is in combat he wears a modifed Titan12 suit of armor and a helmet that covers his face and allows him nightvision when he needs it. When he wears the entire set of armor he looks a bit like a walking tank.

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Ok, I'm just waiting for LordDeathRay and Alkonium so we can begin :D

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How did I miss this last time around? I'll put up a character as soon as I have one :)

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Yay! Writer joins too, this is awesome :D

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((Finally got around to making my character. Yay! :D))

Name: SGM. Jacob Musto
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Biography: When Jacob was born on Sparta, his mother died of birth complications. His father - a decorated Major in the Military - threw Jacob into boot camp when he was only 6 years old. Unlike the others, Jacob was given a more harsher training and stricter rules. He was then put into school - and even then, his father put him to work. He was pulled out a few years later to be forced into the Military. He rose up the ranks quickly due to his father, but he stopped at Sergeant Major once his father was killed.

Personality: Although he is nice when you get to know him, he's a bitter person at first glance. He was angry at his father for forcing him to live a military life that he didn't want, as well as a harsher boot camp. He never shed any tears when his father died, well, maybe tears of joy. There are some soldiers that despise him for ranking up so quickly (due to his father forcing him to accept all promotions), but Jacob doesn't really care as he didn't want to be in the military. Ever since his father died, he refused any offers he got to be promoted.

Strengths: Light and Medium weapons expert, hand-to-hand combat mastery, logic, awareness, adaptability.

Weaknesses: Has no sense of honor against brieders, doesn't feel dedicated to the war, smoking addiction (moderate).

Appearance: Jacob has dirty-blonde hair - cut relatively short - but still longer than regular military provisions would say. He has the complexion of an Italian (due to his ancestry), and his voice sounds deep, but sincere. Jacob has a slightly stronger build than a Navy SEAL, but slightly shorter stature.

When not in combat, he wears blue jeans, white shirt, and a light camouflage jacket that he wears over that. When in combat, he wears the standard anti-ballistic armor, with the helmet with the night vision and such - along with a few modifications that he made to it.

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Alright! Writer's on board! People are really coming out of the woodwork for this one. :lol:

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We have a very nice and varied cast :D I like how this is starting up and I'm just waiting to see what Alkonium and Writer cook up for us, I'm already drooling in anticipation :p

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I'm in...just not now. I'll come up with a character hopefully very soon though! =)

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Excellent! Cyborg Ninja is in, it's nice to see you again. It's nice to see all of you again and thanks for joining my RP :D Tomorrow I will be starting it, anyone who wants to join can just jump in after creating characters ;)

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Name: Erica Sullivan
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Personality: In a word, friendly. Erica always seems to know what to say or do to set people at ease around her. She’s outgoing, loves to talk, and hates conflict. She will do anything in her power to prevent a conflict, and if she encounters conflict, she does whatever she can to resolve it quickly.

Strengths: Mild telepathy. On her own, she can read surface thoughts and images, and detect a person’s mood. When she joins her power with her brother’s, she can read much deeper, calling up a person’s deepest memories, secrets they keep, and things they don’t even recall knowing. An advantageous side-effect to this is the ability to predict an adversary’s next move, making Erica and her brother formidable opponents in the battlefield, especially in close combat.

Weaknesses: When separated from her brother, Erica is a liability on the battlefield. She has had only limited combat training, just enough that her enhanced telepathy can make her deadly. As such, she has no sense of how to move, when to take cover, or more than the most basic “aim the gun at the bad guys” approach to handling a weapon. Furthermore, in her brother’s absence, Erica becomes very nervous and has the tendency to start talking incessantly about anything that comes to mind.

Appearence: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2448/4056508693_8e6e3ed566_z.jpg?zz=1

Name: Andrew Sullivan
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Personality: In a word, arrogant. Drew is the superior form of life on the planet, and he knows it. Sure, maybe his superiority doesn’t hold up so well if his sister isn’t near, but that doesn’t bother him. He has this cocky, self-assured grin, he walks as though he owns the world, and a manner of relating with other people that has the tendency to get on their nerves. Quite the opposite of his sister, Drew loves conflict, and does what he can to seek it out and jump into the middle of it.

Strengths: Mild telepathy. On his own, he can read surface thoughts and images, and detect a person’s mood. When he joins his power with his sister’s, he can read much deeper, calling up a person’s deepest memories, secrets they keep, and things they don’t even recall knowing. An advantageous side-effect to this is the ability to predict an adversary’s next move, making Drew and his sister formidable opponents in the battlefield, especially in close combat. In contrast to Erica, Drew received intensive combat training. Even without Erica’s power to enhance his own, he is a threat on the battlefield.

Weaknesses: His arrogance is his greatest weakness, even if he doesn’t yet realize it. His tendency to get on peoples’ nerves has already led to strained relationships in military squads he and Erica have worked with. His self-importance makes him a challenge to work with and difficult to trust. If not for the fact that he and Erica come as a package deal in order for their powers to be most effective, Drew probably would have been dishonorably discharged from the military long ago.

Appearence: http://www.squarehippies.com/images/actors/josh_dallas/josh_dallas15.jpg

Biography: Fraternal twins born to a military father and a brain surgeon mother, Andrew and Erica Sullivan never knew what a “normal” childhood was supposed to be like. From a very early age, they demonstrated an instinctive knowledge of what one another were up to, even while apart. When they were five years old, their mother ran a series of scans to see if there was anything more to this instinct than the strange bond often seen in twins. To her surprise, she found evidence of a low-level telepathic link between her twins. When she told her husband, he reported the link to his superior, General Hiro Kobayakawa. The General – already leading a number of projects involving genetic enhancement – took the twins, calling them “military property” due to their unique potential.

From that point on, Drew and Erica grew up primarily in laboratories, as scientists under the General’s supervision tested and stretched their abilities in ways they never thought possible. When they were eleven, Kobayakawa began taking them home with him after each day’s testing. He sought to use their successes to drive his own daughter to perform better, but though Mio rose to the challenge, the General grew increasingly harder to please. Drew took pride in this, holding his superiority over Mio’s head. Erica resented her brother’s approach and quickly grew to detest the General’s praise. Her attitude led to a friendship with Mio, which has continued to this day. In contrast, Drew’s self-importance set him constantly at odds with Mio. Though Drew and Mio never learned to fully get along, Mio earned the dubious distinction of being the only person aside from Erica who could get Drew to back down.

At eighteen years of age, the twins were assigned to a special military covert operations taskforce. After three months, the taskforce’s commanding officer requested their transfer to a different unit, claiming that Drew was impossible to work with. Their next squad kept them for a year and a half before trying to get rid of Drew. Every squad they worked with had the same opinion of them: Erica was fantastic and fun to work with, but Drew was a pain in the ass from day one.

Now, at twenty-seven years of age, the twins have been dropped from yet another squad. With their options all but exhausted, General Kobayakawa stepped in and ordered them assigned to his daughter’s unit. Erica is thrilled and looking forward to seeing her old friend again. Drew is amused and wonders if ol’ Mio’s still up for a challenge.

Cyborg Ninja
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Its nice to see you again too! =)

Name: Mike “Onyx” Winston
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Personality: Onyx can be summed up in one word…adorkable. From his constant chatter to his random facts, Onyx always has something interesting to say. You can count on him for a one liner in combat or to rejoice when he's completed a task. He’s about as smooth as a cactus in the desert when it comes to talking to the ladies. Despite this, Onyx is a very friendly person. He’ll do his best to cover his teammates, even going as far to take a bullet for them depending on how close the relationship is.

Biography: This will come soon…

Strengths: A tech wiz, communications, marksman, good reflexes, loyal…surprisingly good looking (yes it’s a strength…somehow)

Weaknesses: He's still adjusting to the Brieders. He can handle them from medium to long range. When they're up in his face though, he loses his cool very quickly. He’s honest…too honest sometimes. He can be fooled due to his trust in others. He has very little experience in hand to hand; he’s more likely to use his rifle as a club. He also has a fear of water...and hates to be near it.

Appearence:http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/7069/johnnyjv.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/521/johnnyjv.jpg/)

01-08-2012, 01:14 PM
((Count me in!))

Name: Gao Peng
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Personality: Gao will often follow orders without question. He has rarely ever questioned authority, however, he is often skeptical of inexperienced commanders, as he usually wants to be sure that they know what they are doing and not just seeking glory. At first glance, Gao is usually the stoic one, but is actually rather friendly after he warms up.

Biography: The son of two scientists, Gao ended up becoming a soldier, despite his parents wanting him to follow in their footsteps. He has rarely ever questioned authority, but this ended up backfiring on him on one occasion when his commanding officer, who was inexperienced and seeking glory, ordered a squad with Gao on it against the Brieders in what turned into a disastrous operation. At the end of that failed raid, Gao was one of only three survivors. He was then reassigned to another squad, and is now ready to fight the Brieders once more.

Strengths: Being the son of two scientists, Gao has some technical knowledge, but is far from being qualified for the position. He excels in close- and medium-range combat, and can also do hand-to-hand. He can hold out against large numbers due to being a survivor of a failed raid, but he can be overwhelmed without assistance. As mentioned above, he usually does not question authority.

Weaknesses: Due to the fact that he doesn't ask questions, sometimes he goes into battle without thinking things through. His long-range combat is also tardy, and is often not as communicative as he should be during combat, which typically leaves his comrades wondering what exactly it is he's trying to do. If things don't go as planned, he can lose his cool, as split-second decision-making was never a strength of his.

Appearence: Shock of black hair, brown eyes, wears armor built more for mobility. Tall, medium build, not weak but not strong either. He looks a little like a robot or android with the armor on, especially if he's wearing his helmet. Has a scar on his arm from surviving the failed attack on the Brieders.

01-08-2012, 08:47 PM
Awesome, Ping too :D well, I'll be starting the thread in a few minutes.

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Name: Will Harris
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Personality: While he is a trained soldier, he prefers to act independently, and draw his own conclusions. This raises the ire of his superiors, but they still respect him due to his skill in combat.
Biography: (will add later)
Strengths: Good with details, and is a very accurate shot.
Weaknesses: Tends to miss the more obvious things, and