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Qui-Don Jorn
01-25-2012, 12:23 PM
))))))))))TOR Saber Pack for TSL(((((((((((((

Authors: Qui-Don Jorn & Deadman

In lieu of not being able to play TOR at the moment, I decided to do some things to my TSL game that are reminisant of that game.
This mod will add 4 new lightsabers to the game, 2 double-bladed and 2 single-bladed, named after four of the classes (advanced and base) from The Old Republic MMO, as well as the TOR inspired training sabers that are createable on the workbench. The training sabers have been made into their own items in the baseitems.2da, so their damage could be modified from the original longswords that we used to create them. Deadman has gone the extra mile and made it so they are powered items that turn on and off like a lightsaber and have their own powering up and down sound (it did have a buzzy hum sound, but it tended to go crazy which was really annoying, so I took it out). There are three energy damage types, each with their own colored energy fields.
For the new lightsabers, we have a double-bladed saber called "The Inquisitor", with a purple blade and an extra boost to stealth and wisdom. Then, we have a cerulean double-bladed saber called "The Shadow", with stats to boost your Sentinel/Watchman class. Next, we have a red single-bladed saber called "The Sorceror", for the Sith Lord class who want an extra boost to thier wisdom. Then, of course, we have a viridian single-bladed saber for Consular/Master's called "The Sage" with stats to boost that class. This mod may be expanded on with new lightsaber models and new training saber models depending on the amount of downloads it gets...

Run TSL Patcher to install..

Compatible with everything that dosen't use the same lightsaber model numbers.
HotOR is not required - but if you do plan to use it, just have HotOR installed first, this mod will override a couple files that HotOR uses as well.

Credits: Deadman, for finishing off the training sabers and making them especially awesome. Deadman rocks.

Bugs: NONE! Deadman already fixed the other bug that did occur with the training sabers (they would stay powered on after loads and area transitions like the vanilla cyan saber bug).

-Qui-Don Jorn






TOR Saber Pack (http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/1155-tor-saber-pack/)



Darth DeadMan
02-11-2012, 01:58 AM
People have found 2 bugs (one minor, and one major) in this mod. I've made fixes for that. Check deadlystream thread (http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/1155-tor-saber-pack/) for details.

Qui-Don Jorn
02-13-2012, 09:42 AM
Thanks for the updates...I'm currently working on a new version with more training saber models and lightsabers.