View Full Version : [HELP!] Cannot Select Command Post in ZE

02-09-2012, 11:15 AM
What I want to do is add a LA-AT Gunship and a Droid Gunship to Kamino: Cloning Facility

First I made a new map folder (I named it KIM, since KAM wasn't allowed)
So I copied and pasted the folders 'rep' & 'cis' & 'common' to the 'Sides' folder.

Next I went 'assets\worlds' and copied the 'kam' folder and pasted it into my Worlds folder.

Then I deleted my KIM folder inside the Worlds folder and renamed KAM to KIM.

After that I went to the assets folder, then the scripts folder and then finally the 'kam' folder. I copied and pasted "kam1c_con" into my 'Common\Scripts\KIM" folder and deleted everything inside that folder except kam1c_con. I renamed the file to 'KIMc_con' so it matches to my world.

I opened up Zero Editor, loaded kamino1.wld and tried to add a vehicle spawn point (com_item_vehicle_spawn) and when I checked to see which command post it was near to, it wouldn't select it! I put the mouse right on top of it and it say nothing! Why? (Yes I changed everything to object etc and I put accurate collision gemotery!)

03-08-2012, 07:02 PM
did you change the game mode your editing