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Darth DeadMan
02-11-2012, 04:01 AM
For the unknown reasons I didn't anounsed this mod here, but it's better late, than never...

Movie-style Jedi Master robes

Current version: 1.5.

DOWNLOAD (http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/64-movie-style-jedi-master-robes/)

Like most of K2 fans I never liked the look of Jedi Master style robes. Padawan robes looked much more movie-like to me. But I also didn't liked the idea of replacement master style robes with padawan models and new textures. IMO, they MUST have different models. So, I've started this MOD.
I have remade both male and female master robe models to look more like in the movies. Models were inspired by the robe which Obi-Wan had in episode III.
New textures for all master style ingame robes are included, and new icons aswell.

Also, this mod adds 10 brand new robes in the game. There are 6 armored robes and 4 movie robes (Obi-Wan, Windu, Anakin ep2 and ep3). New robes can be bought from Dantooine salvager Daraala (only if you hadn't talked to her yet). Those of you, who use great "Coruscant - Jedi Temple" mod by DeathDisco will be able to find new robes there.

At this poind the mod is compatible with following mods (just be sure to install this mod after others):
- TSLRCM (I tested with v1.7)
- The Prestige Item Pack by RedHawke & maverick187
- Movie Jedi Robes and High General Obi Wan Kenobi Robe by Don Kain
- Tomb of Azgath N'Dul by Darth InSidious
- Any mod, which don't add master-style robes

If you have installed ANY OTHER MOD which adds new Jedi Master style robes - it won't work. Modified textures, which were made for original ingame model will look awfull with my models. Sorry, I can't track all incoming mods, so it's up to mod authors to redraw textures to fit new UVW map.

- HapSlash - for awesome ep3 Obi-Wan and Anakin models which he made for Jedi Academy.
- Spanki - for some great textures which are partially used in this mod
- Don Kain - for allowing me to include his Movie Jedi Robes



02-11-2012, 08:34 AM
Some real nice looking robes DDM..quality work!