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Lynk Former
02-22-2012, 05:11 AM
At last count, I've played well over 700+ hours of TOR and during that entire time I've had a particular mouse and keyboard setup that I've used from the very beginning.

My current weapons of choice are...

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700


It says wireless, but the great this about this mouse is that it can also be wired with the power and data being transferred through the wire. No batteries required and you don't HAVE to use it in its wireless mode.

Along with the primary and secondary mouse buttons as well was the scroll wheel, the mouse features an additional 11 buttons you can customised (middle click, left and right clicks on the scroll wheel, four buttons on the left side of the mouse, three buttons on the top left side and the last button is located in a very strange spot on top of the mouse)... that other button you see on the very top of the mouse is a mechanical button that switches the scroll wheel from smooth to notched.

I use 10 out of the 11 customisable buttons for the ability keys "1 to 0" and that one awkwardly placed button at the top I use as the "Esc" key to close menus and such.

I find this mouse to be exceptional for TOR and other games since it groups the buttons into 3 different groups. The four on the side are used for the most important abilities, the three on the top left are for secondary abilities and the four in the middle of the mouse are for tertiary abilities that you still need to use with a quick flick.

Everything has its place and it makes sense, it may not be ideal for PvP but it is brilliant for PvE and I can use this setup without even thinking about what I need to press. I just click things and stuff happens exactly the way I want it to.

Of course, along with this mouse I have...

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard


I have a strange computer setup since I don't actually use my PC at a desk... or own a desk at all. I have more of a home theatre setup where my TV is right in front of me, my PC monitor just off to the right side so I can see both my TV and PC monitor at the same time. The normal keyboard (a Logitech K800 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v629/lynk/logitech-k800.jpg)) I use is very light, wireless and sits on my lap when I use it since I'm basically sitting on a couch...

Of course, this setup isn't ideal for gaming, particularly with the wireless keyboard which is used more for productivity purposes.

Long story, short... I have everything mapped to where I want it to be...


10 of the ability keys are on my mouse while the last 2 are above the strafe buttons on the gameboard.

Together the G700 and G13 have allowed me to do great things in TOR since it's extremely comfortable to use and I'm never at a loss as to what button I'm pressing or where it is. I also purposefully chose the G13 gameboard because I have no idea how people are able to position their hands using the WASD key while reaching other keys on the keyboard without some kind of hand cramp... though that's probably just because my normal keyboard isn't meant to be used for gaming and has different proportions compared to a full-size heavy gaming keyboard.

So what's your setup for TOR? Do you do anything special and if so, how do you have things setup?

02-22-2012, 12:46 PM
My desktop rig is where I do most of my gaming. I have a Razer Imperator mouse because I prefer wired mice for gaming and I didn't need 12 different buttons on it when I got it. I still do some FPS games like Quake Live so a MMO-centric mouse prob not what I need. For a keyboard i have a logitech g510. It's pretty good for gaming, but the annoying thing about it is the newest drivers from logitech are fairly crap (last time I installed them anyway) so I'm using an older version which doesnt have all the current fancy game profiles.

mouse: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61WsfJjkGfL._AA1500_.jpg

keyboard: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81npn6Tc1nL._AA1500_.jpg