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Lynk Former
03-14-2012, 07:45 AM
I thought I'd start a new thread to keep folks up to date with the happenings of our official LFN guilds and where they are now. We've been a part of The Old Republic since it's launch and our humble guilds have had quite a history, particularly TWC.

So here's the first report...

LFN Guild Report #1

TWC has managed to get 25 members (46 toons), 3 of who aren't even members of LucasForums!
IMB has a respectable 15 members (26 toons) however, if things go the way I hope they're going, we may see a nice increase in that number soonish.
TWC have a number of people who have reached level 50. Jeff, Mav (who is leading the charge with TWO lv50 toons), Kusanavi, and myself got there first. Then out of nowhere mim comes along with his Scoundrel and hits 50. We've taken him on some hard mode flashpoint runs and I've personally gone through quite a few dailies with him. The crazy guy is so committed to dailies that he does them practically every day, we find it hard to keep up with him!
IMB also has quite a few level 50 toons on its roster with DarthParametric leading the charge with not one, but two lv50 characters. Along with him is Miltiades and myself with my beloved Silvana.
The newest member of both guilds at the time of this post is Chevron 7 locke :p ...which I've only just noticed.
For the under 50s, we've been seeing a lot of folks from both TWC and IMB logging on and playing their toons. Most folks are going solo but there have been quite a few times when people have teamed up which is great. I know I played through quite a bit of the Sith Warrior storyline with DP which was fun since we got to see both sides of the light side/dark side divide. Hopefully we can get more of that happening with the endgame content.
Quite a few of us have been working on our crafting skills and we've been helping out as many of the under 50 guild members as possible. I've been gearing up as many of the Troopers and Smugglers as I can in our guild and I know others have been crafting items for other members of the guild too. If you want any kind of help with gear, just let folks in the guild know in-game or better yet, in this forum, and we can help you out.
Moving on to community news, TWC have been out and about in force among the community in Vornskr. The first time our members cooperated with folks outside of the guild was when Jeff, Mav, Kus and I were on Belsavis doing dailies and we passed a group that was waiting around for other of its members to come and help defeat the world boss. I happened to have spoken with the leader of that group, Axe of the guild "Chimera" randomly on the fleet station one day and recognised him. Next thing we know we were part of their ops group and taking on that world boss to try to get the magenta crystal schematic from it. We teamed up with them a few times more but things really picked up once something called the "Casual Alliance (http://dukane.enjin.com/casual)" caught out attention on the official forums.

Zazz and Sujin of Clan Dukane, another guild on Vornskr, started up an alliance of smaller guilds on the server that have all banded together to tackle endgame content together which alone we wouldn't be able to do. Our for leading lv50 members, Jeff, Mav, Kus and myself have done many Operations with them and have formed quite a relationship with the people of the Casual Alliance. In our latest victory, we were able to complete both Hard Mode Operations over the weekend where we all had a hell of a lot of fun.

We're hoping others from TWC will join us in doing Operations and hard mode flashpoints when the time comes :p Of course, there's no rush, everyone has their own pace.

Anyway, that's what's been going on lately on our LFN guilds since we started our journey with TOR. If anyone else has anything to add about what they've gotten up to with the guilds, let us know.

03-14-2012, 11:28 AM
The crazy guy is so committed to dailies that he does them practically every day, we find it hard to keep up with him! Wait you don’t have to do dailies? I thought you told me you would have ratdog killed if I didn’t do dailies…

Yes, I’m slow…but I am consistent. I’m like the tortoise, it may take me awhile, but I will get there. Getting faster as I’m getting enough equipment that I don’t have to heal between every battle and solo I don’t have to wait for flyby to cool before going on to the next battle since I’ve upgraded my weapons.

Dailies can be a real bore, but almost every day I see something unique and sometimes funny. Yesterday I let my native attempt helpful matter almost be my undoing. Was finishing dailies on Belsavis. The Oasis Republic Post is pretty isolated on the northern part of the Belsavis map. Had just finished the last mission and heading back to the outpost to get my credits and commendations. I stealth to exit the tomb without attracting unneeded attention as I got to the top of the ramp I saw a battle between two strongs and a republic gunslinger. His companion was already dead and his health bar was going down quick. Without really paying attentions I ordered my DPS to attack one of the mob, while I used a flash grenade on the other before I hit the gunslinger with a small and then large heal. Of course, I got that dreaded sound that I was now PVP flagged. Wasn’t overly worried about it because I was done for the day, finished the battle and headed back to the outpost.

For those under 50 these outposts are really small. Basically a couple droids for security from the wildlife and a medical droid, even the quest givers are merely holo npcs. Well I get to the outpost and I’m about to turn in the quest when the message pops up, “Can’t do that while in combat.” Figured I attracted some of the wildlife surrounding the outpost on my speeder ride in, hear the droids open fire…look around to see a imp sith die a quick death at the hands of the droids. Not sure how they got him so fast. If in his stalking me, he was not ready for them to notice him. Remembered hearing that familiar tone of the droids noticing a stealth character right before I attempt to hit the halo, didn’t really pay attention because my character hears that sound all the time only directed at her.

I lol, got my 3 commendations and qt out of there before someone came back. I’ve seen that character in the area before, but this is the first time I’ve been flagged when not in a group in that area. So anyone Flagged in this area of Belsavis, watch your back.

Of course, there's no rush, everyone has their own pace.That isn’t what you told me….You told me to hurry up and get to 50 and then you told me to hurry up and get my implants… You’re nicer on the forum than you are on Skype. xp

I have my crewskills in BioChem at 50, so anyone that need some implants, stims, adrenals or medpacs, give me a yell. I even have medpacs for under 50's that not only heal you, but your companion with one application. Not going to guarantee I can make it that second, but I will get it quick. My inventor has been somewhat depleted making stims for a certain person that will remain nameless. :)

03-14-2012, 03:19 PM
Yup, teamed up a few times with guild members. On the TWC side, I've been teaming up with Jasra regurarly for Heroics or whatever quests we still had to do on a planet. That has been fun. On the IMB side, I've not really had to have much help, my Merc can do most things by himself. Still, have done some dailies with DarthParametric and Lynk.

Also, during the first days of launch, when the IMB guild only had about 4 members, I ran into Astor a few times randomly. Always fun. :)

Anyway, my Guardian's still a bit helpless himself, but if anyone needs help on the IMB side, whether it's questing, flashpoints or you want some armor crafted, my Merc's available for help, mostly on weekends. ;)

03-15-2012, 08:02 AM
Im gonna work at one toon at a time. Im gonna try to finish up on my Salvik (Juggernaut) and than work on Rexx, so I can do some operations/flashpoints with the guildmates.

04-10-2012, 09:34 AM
I want to level up my smuggler (Miqui) first, though I've been doing Flashpoints and Heroics with some of the guildies with my Commando (Milla) and she's catching up. I'm over half way there with them both, but I'm enjoying the story too much to rush. But only 11 more levels to go for my smuggler!

After they are levelled up, I'll create a toon for the IMB's.

Lynk Former
04-10-2012, 10:40 AM
When you get to lv50 with your Republic characters you should do a few dailies with us, a few ops and hard mode flashpoints :p that's where the real action is :p

04-10-2012, 11:12 AM
I'm sure I'll get there, but it will be a few months for me...

04-11-2012, 06:19 AM
I'm getting some progress with levelling my first Republic character, Nural's already lvl. 35 and finished his first chapter. A few other members hang around that number, so I guess we can expect a new batch of lvl. 50's (admittedly most are from members with at least one lvl. 50 character) coming 'soonish'.

Also, having not spend much time with my merc I cannot say how the situation is in the IMB, let's say peacefully. :p But I may finally try to do some HM Flashpoints, it's been a long time in the making.