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[NOTE: This RP takes place primarily in Orlais, the cradle of civil war. Would someone please be Leliana besides me? She's my favorite DA character! <3]


There shall be no truce in Thedas between the Templars, who have guarded spell-crafters for centuries, and the Mages, who yearn to be free. On the one hand lies the opportunity for a renaissance in the arcane arts; on the other, the threat of every single Mage turning into an abomination because of a new and nearly-unstoppable influx of demons. No one, not even the most skilled of mystical practitioners, has been able to find the Fade portal from where they most surely have come. In the meantime, conscriptions abound on both sides. Ordinary mortals have been seized and forced to choose a faction. Neutrality is not an option. Neither is ignoring the inevitable sundering of Thedas if a solid resolution is not found quickly...


NAME: Caissa Marchand
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
AGE: 33
APPEARANCE: As the default Elissa Cousland, with short red hair
BACKSTORY: You'll see, but she's going to be conscripted...

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NAME: Tael As'yere
RACE: Human
AGE: 32
SPECIALIZATION(S): Warrior/Swordsman/Vigilante
APPEARANCE: Long length black/gray hair, emerald green eyes, tan skin, two blade scars on his right cheek.
BACKSTORY: Tael tried to remain neutral in the war, as certain wounds from an earlier journey remained with him still. With conflict and tensions between himself and others, stress has caused his hair to gray, even in his early age. Tael's sense of logic and morality have slowly eroded - and he has turned to lending his services out to the highest bidder - as a mercenary once again.


NAME: Exiar Azimir
RACE: Unknown
AGE: 39
APPEARANCE: Silver hair, golden eyes.
BACKSTORY: An enigmatic entity, Exiar was a man long thought dead. The spoils of war have screamed in his blood, and civil war has brought him back from his crusade. He was a man feared by many - known for his double-bladed sword. He was a man never crossed, and his stance instilled fear into many. The fact that he hid his face under an expressionless mask just caused his intimidation to be more absolute.

I'm sorry, I just couldn't leave Tael behind. :xp:

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*Grins in great and apparent pleasure*

You know who I'm gonna be Ficwriter!?.....Oh, you know....

Again, I have to be a wet blanket....I'm sorry. :(

Your second character (LDR) not only can't but simply does not exist in the Dragon Age realm. There are no 'Dark Elves' in Dragon Age, simply the Dalish and the City Elves, and they aren't ageless like other elves in other fantasies, they had that gift "taken" from them one way or another with the rise of humans (or expansion, whichever). They live normal mortal lives just like all the other races, and by other races there are only around five (or six): Qunari/Kossith, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Darkspawn (There is also apparently another race called the Fex, but there is little to nothing on them at the moment).

As for me, the character sheet will come VERY soon, I know you're looking forward to it Ficwriter, I just know you are! :whtsmile:

Edit: Here he be -

NAME: "The Frail"

RACE: Darkspawn


GENDER: Male-ish....Yeah, male.

Age: Undetermined (Honestly he doesn't know)

CLASS/OCCUPATION: Warrior - Hurlock Alpha/Former Emissary

SPECIALIZATION(S): "He is an open book - filled with empty pages; to be taught is to shape what he will become." - Quote; "The Architect"

APPEARANCE: The Original Hurlock (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091211205212/dragonage/images/thumb/c/ce/Hurlock_emmisarry.jpg/270px-Hurlock_emmisarry.jpg)

BACKSTORY: As with all Emissaries, "The Frail" was no different than the rest, he started out as a Hurlock soldier, rising through the ranks due to his cunning and martial prowess, eventually making it to the 'rank' of Alpha. With time The Blight began to grow in the lands of Fereldan, and "The Frail" proved himself further, eventually becoming an Emissary, a Darkspawn leader charged with seeing to the will of The Archdemon amongst the Darkspawn hordes. His time was nothing special during the blight, as any Emissary he carried out his duties of supporting the Darkspawn forces with the rare use of magic; he was at the fall of Lothering, and he marched on the city of Denerim when the Archdemon rose.

After the Archdemon fell, he, along with the other Darkspawn, fled to the north and there, like it is known, the Darkspawn split into factions. He was not won over by either side for quite some time, until almost near the end of the conflicts that had arisen in the north. He was finally won over by "The Architect's" greater sense of reason, and was thus named "The Frail", although not for any weakness, but for his aversion towards the near-like Bloodmagic that he had learned to use as an Emissary in the service of the Archdemon (which he denounced, and although he's still capable in magic use, he's gone back to being a warrior, like he was as an Alpha). Due to his joining "The Architect" near the end of the conflicts he was unable to go through with being 'freed' from his compulsions to seek out the Old Gods, and remained the same (for the time being), but because he was an Emissary, (thus a far more intelligent Hurlock than normal, even capable of speech), he has resisted those urges with help from "The Architect", who had advised him in the matter shortly before he was sent away into the south, almost moments before the final events of the northern (Amaranthine) conflicts.

He wanders about aimlessly, trying to follow the advise of "The Architect" and help those he can, but inevitably stirring up more trouble than doing good, all because of what he is. He lacks any great knowledge of special skill and works alone on the merits of simply being a warrior, though, he even knows that he isn't beyond being taught the alien forms of combat the other races know.

Ignore the backstory for now, it is under moderate revision to accommodate the current setting of the RP, etc. Also I'm going to elaborate somewhat more on his specialization thingy too, just not up to doing it right now.

Hope you enjoy having him back Ficwriter! :D - I just realized it's going to be hard being a Darkspawn in Orlais, but, so long as you're okay with me bringing him back, then I don't care! I'll figure something out.

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Ack, curses! I feel stupid right now. :xp: I'll just set it to Unknown for now. I always like being mysterious.

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@LDR: S'okay, s'okay LDR, you probably haven't even played Dragon Age, so it's no problem, I'm just a canon/detail whore is all.

@MsFicwriter: So in terms of appearance your character looks something like this (http://www.lucasforums.com/picture.php?albumid=589&pictureid=9131), save for the scar I'd guess?

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Actually, yeah, and I LOVE IT that The Frail has returned! :)