View Full Version : Join the New Clan RG !

06-19-2012, 03:03 PM
Clan Name: Republic Gods
Site: http://republicgods.co.nr
Forum: http://republicgods.co.nr
Leader: Vitality
Co Leaders: none at the moment.
Clan Email: rodney.vi@live.nl
Story about your clan: I made the clan 18-6-2012 We have 15 Members and 16 registered users, we play starwars republic commando, starcraft 2, Diablo3, Call of duty MW2, Call of Duty MW3.
We play for fun and would like to have more people in the community.
We allso have our own Game server in Starwars Republic commando which is called -=]RG[ Public [CTF]

You can allso add my Xfire Which is the best way for contact: shinsaku321
dont have Xfire? www.xfire.com