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09-15-2012, 09:23 AM
(Set within a fantasy universe!)

The United Provinces have dominated the world trade, sending their ships across the seas. But the Briton Empire wants to take over that position and sends letters to its privateers to intercept as many Dutch trade as possible. They have their navy stationed near the coast of Indio. The Britons win when they have destroyed the Dutch navy. The Pirates are optional.

Meanwhile, pirates are freely roaming the seas and are taking many of the Dutch wealth, unhindered by the Briton Royal Navy, which is focusing on the Dutch ships. They have a important hiding place at a island near the East Indies, Sailor's Redoubt. The Pirates win by destroying the fleet of either enemy and make a deal with the other.

The Dutch are infuriated by the actions taken by the Briton empire and take steps to strike back with their fleet. Reinforcements from the Netherlands are being intercepted by pirates however. If the Dutch want to stop the Britons, they have to stop the pirates first, by destroying their hiding place.

No god modding
No superhero characters.
No more than two characters.
Strong language may be used against the characters, not against the people controlling the characters. Around PG-13 please.
Do not kill other characters without permission from the owner.
Battles will be decided by the kind of tactics you use in post, but it is decided by the GM (Me!). Briton ships are more powerful than Pirates. Pirate ships are more powerful than Dutch trading vessels and the Dutch war ships dominate both Briton and Pirate ships, but are slower and less maneuverable.
The Dutch leader (me) can try to bribe characters with gold and letters of marque and such. If you're dutch, ask in the RP or with PM. The Britons can do this too, but you'll need to PM the GM (Me) first.

(Available affiliations: Pirates, Britons, Dutch. Available species are Elves, Humans, Vishmer, Kamjit and Gnomers. Humans are excellent swordfighters, Vishmer can transform into merpeople at will and have gills, Kamjit are cat-like people who have excellent aim with pistols, Gnomers have a natural resistance against diseases.)

Character template:


NAME: Jake van Ruiten
AGE: 38
APPEARANCE: Long black hair, sometimes tied into a ponytail, with a short black beard. A few grey hairs are spawned randomly throughout his long hair. Lines and wrinkles as well as scars from many battles have made his face distorted for the largest part. Dressed in a blue uniform decorated with gold and a orange shawl.
WEAPONS: Fine steel saber, flintlock pistol, hidden knife in his pocket.
EQUIPMENT: Compass, sextant, maps, lighter, pipe and tobacco, spyglass, ring engraved with the Dutch coat of arms.
OCCUPATION: Governor General of the East Indies.
HISTORY: Born into a poor family in Aemsterdam, Jake soon joined a ship which made the long journey towards the East Indies. After many years of service Jake made it to Skipper and sailed for many years. He was recently promoted to Admiral and after the death of the former, he went on to become Governor General. He commands the ''Governor of the Sea'' He has a huge dislike for horses, as he now limps because of one.

09-15-2012, 03:46 PM
NAME: Johann Schulte
AGE: 35
SPECIES: Half-Human, Half-Gnomer
APPEARANCE: A man with a strong physique, albeit slightly shorter than the average human (being 5' 4") due to being half-Gnomer. Short blond hair, dark blue eyes, tan skin.
WEAPONS: Rapier, Deutsche pistol sword, iron flintlock pistol, knife.
EQUIPMENT: Compass, pocketwatch, cigar, lighter, steel ring.
HISTORY: Born from a half-German, Half-Russian father, Johann would've been a brute of a man, were it not for his Gnomer mother. An expert duelist, as well as being immune to disease, Johann had always been an intimidating fellow. His slightly smaller stature had given him added flexibility and agility.

NAME: Fran Itrenez
AFFILIATION: Briton Empire
AGE: 31
APPEARANCE: Being a Kamjit, he is larger and more muscular than the average human - as well as having excellent vision. Emerald green eyes, blond-black fur, large scar across the right side of his face.
WEAPONS: Modified flintlock pistol, knife.
HISTORY: A recognized Colonel in the Navy, Fran Itrenez is a distinguished marksman. A hulking 6' 7" feline, Fran had been in too many sea battles to date - and most of them involved him picking off enemies with his scoped flintlock pistol.