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Chevron 7 locke
10-17-2012, 10:45 PM
((As far as I know, this is the first RP I've done that is Fantasy based.))

A world that once knew peace now knows only constant war and endless battle. A world that was once united by the Order of Light is now divided amongst itself as the various warlords fight for control of the world even though they can all tell that something is wrong

There is something much worse then the constant battles between the various factions, There is an unspeakable evil that was once imprisoned by the Order of Light that has been awoken by the constant warfare. An evil that once threatend to cover the entire world of Tivoros in Darkness nearly fifty years ago.

The Darkness is coming.

Character Sheet.

Special Abilities: ((Any class can have a special ability that allows that person to do something that is unique to their character. I don't mind if you have multiple special abilities but don't make the character god-like.))
Magical Abilities: ((Only applies if the character is able to use Magic.))

((Alright: Players can be either Wizard, Sorcerer, Warrior, Archer or Paladin. Or you can come up with your own class. Just don't make them so powerful that no one can take them on.

Class Information:
Wizards: This class uses magic that is more in tune with the light. They can use powerful spells to take out enemies. They do use lighter armor though so they have more freedom of movement during battle.

Sorcerer: Much like the Wizard, the Sorcerer also uses magic, but unlike the wizard the spells they use are called forth from the shadows. The sorcerer also uses light armor so they can move more freely during battle.

Warrior: Warrior's use powerful weapons and heavy armor to go head to head with their enemies. Although they can't move quickly on the battlefield they are a dangerous force to be reckoned with. The warrior is able to have weapons and armor augmented by magical abilities.

Archer: Archer's use powerful bows and arrows to take on their enemies. If they are able to, they can have bows and arrows augmented by magical abilities.

Paladin: The Paladin, much like the warrior uses heavy armor and weapons but they have limited magical abilities. They have the ability to use basic healing spells on allies but don't have any offensive spells. Since the fall of the Order Of Light, there aren't many Paladin's left in the world as most of them were trained by the Order Of Light.))


No god-modding.
No killing off other characters without permission
Insult the character, not the player.
Keep the language at PG-13
Maximum of four characters
Have fun!

Name: Varros
Weapons: Large Battle axe that has been magiclly augmented. It now has a orange glow around it.
Equipment: A black metallic magicly augmented armor covers all of his body except for his head. The circumstances of how he got this augmented armor is a mystery.
Special Abilities: Empowered Battle Axe. This unique ability allows him to augment his battle axe to cut through nearly anything for a very short amount of time.
Class: Warrior
Magical Abilities: None
Age: 21
Apperance: Varros is 6'1 and has black hair and blue eyes.
History: Not much is known about Varros other then the fact that he used to fight for one of the warlords before he decided to turn on his master and fight against the warlords.

Name: Rezori
Weapons: Staff
Equipment: Magical enhancement materials. In order to use them they must be used at a forge with the weapon you wish enhanced.
Special Abilities: None
Class: Wizard
Magical Abilities: Rezori has the ability to use elemental magic which allows him to use the four basic elements as a source of magic. He also has the ability to combine them to create other elements such as lightning.
Age: 60
Apperance: Rezori wears dark blue robes along with a dark blue hood that covers his face. His staff has a white shining orb on the top of it.

Name: Tirosi
Weapons: augmented dagger and a short sword. The dagger was augmented by a wizard who Tirosi killed and stole the dagger from. It has golden spirals of lightning that surround it.
Equipment: A flask filled with wine and a small floating candle that is used in the night.
Special Abilities: Shadow barrier ((Summons a small dome made of shadows that can be used to shield him from attacks for a very short time.))
Class: Sorcerer
Magical Abilities: Shadow magic. Allows him to manipulate shadows and he is proficent in the use of dark magic.
Age: 22
Apperance: Tirosi wears a black robe that has a black hood attached to it that covers his face.

10-18-2012, 01:04 AM
Name: Tatev Faustic
Weapons: One short sword and one longsword
Class: Paladin
Special Abilities: Preternatural luck--can see glimpses of the immediate future
Magical Abilities: Paladin Abilities
Age: 20
Appearance: Blonde braids, hazel eyes, a la a female human portrait in NWN1

10-18-2012, 10:08 AM
Name: Vallendreth Jamark
Gender: Male
Weapons: Long bow and a short sword strapped to his belt.
Equipment: He wears thick leather armor and his left glove holds a concealed sleeve knife.
Class: Archer
Special abilities: (Hawk Eyes) Can see very far allowing him to make impossibly long shots.
Magical abilities: None
Age: 24
Apperance: Black hair and very dark brown eyes.

10-19-2012, 03:50 PM
Name: Damian Kos'si
Weapons: Double-bladed sword
Equipment: Medium reinforced armor, throwing knives, pointed dagger.
Class: Sentinel (Essentially the same as the Warrior, except that they wear lighter armor and are defenseless against magic.)
Special Abilities: Sharp Perception - allows him to see through objects.
Magical Abilities: None.
Age: 26
Appearance: Short jet-black hair. Hazel eyes. Albino.

Name: Evil Villain
Weapons: Evil weapons.
Equipment: Evil stuff.
Class: Lord of Evil.
Special Abilities: Being Evil.
Magical Abilities: Evil powers.
Age: 666 years of being Evil.
Appearance: Very Evil.

10-25-2012, 12:22 PM
Name: Tederic Kefrayn
Weapons: Greatsword
Equipment: chainmail armour, brown tabard, dark green cloak.
Class: Warrior
Special Abilities: Somewhat heightened senses.
Class: Warrior
Magical Abilities: Flame enchantment on Greatsword
Age: 36
Apperance: Short brown hair, thick beard, green eyes, 6'1"