View Full Version : TIE Fighter Battle 13 Mission 7 Glitch - Solution

12-31-2012, 05:38 PM
This is a solution for the glitch in TIE Fighter Battle 13 Mission 7.

You have done all you could to finish this mission in XP/Vista/7 but the shuttles just keep going in circles close to the To-Phalion Base. The mission cannot be completed.

This bug is unusual as I played this game a while ago in Win98 and it worked fine.

This bug can be fixed in XP/Vista/7 by taking down the station's shields. I know this sounds silly but it is the only way to finish the mission.

The thing to remember is that the station launches missiles at you when you do this. You should move out to 6km from the station and the ISD Glory. If you can still reload then do so as your concussion missiles are the only way to bring down the station's shields without being killed by the station's missile launcher, which you cannot target in your CMD. You can and should destroy the ISD Glory's missile launcher from this distance.

Doing this will allow the mission to be completed. You can even win all the bonus objectives by assigning the Nebulon-B2 frigate Maru Ki to a memory location (ie F5,F6,F7) and pushing the A key to see who is attacking it.

I hope this helps anyone stuck in TIE Fighter Battle 13 Mission 7.

Happy New Year!