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Rtas Vadum
06-20-2013, 05:25 PM

1) Photoshop, GIMP or other image editing software
2) KoToR Tool
3) HexWorkshop or other HEX editing Programs

Downloads for gimp are located at:
Download for KoToR Tools are located at:
Download for HexWorkshop are located at:

All programs are free, and are necessary tools for the following tut. In this tut we will be constructing a playable Twi'Lek female with skin tome matched custom body/underwear layers for standard appearance and dark side transitions.

Step 1: Create a folder on your desktop named respectively "Twilek Head F"

Step 2: You will need kotor tools to extract the following files to "Twilek Head" folder:
1) twilek_f04.mdl (located in BIFs>models>Aurora Model)
2) twilek_f04.mdx (located in BIFs>models>Aurora Model Extension)
3) twilek_f04.tpa (located in ERFs>Texture Packs>swpc_tex_tpa.erf *extract as .tag kotor tool will covert for you*)
4) PFBALA.tpa (located in ERFs>Texture Packs>swpc_tex_tpa.erf *extract as .tag kotor tool will covert for you*)

Step 3: Now use kotor tool to extract from the 2da.bif the following files copy to "Twilek Head":
1) appearance.2da
2) heads.2da
3) portraits.2da

Step 4: You will need to open the extracted twilek_f04.tga file you extracted to "Twilek Head" in your image editing program and edit as you see fit, to create your dark side transitions. You will require 5 total images to make the transition from light to dark side in KoToR 1, and 3 in TSL. This is a matter of taste so do your thing here.
Make sure your 5 files once saved are labeled with unique numbers following your "_f" in the file name to ensure compatability with other mods, and make sure the numbers are between "05-99" (I.E. twilek_f05), just pick a number, this just makes sure that KoToR will not over write one of the exsisting npc heads, and for each progressive frame of the 5 dark side transitions there needs to be a D added to it so your 5 files should lok like this:
twilek_fxx.tga (normal)
twilek_fxxd1.tga (d.s. 1)
twilek_fxxd2.tga (d.s. 2)
twilek_fxxd3.tga (d.s. 3)
twilek_fxxd.tga (full dark side)

Step 5: Now open the PFBALA.tga in the same file and follow the same process. This will match the skin tones of the face with the body skin tones in the underwear layer. Do your thing here, just remember to try to match the skin with the face skin, so it looks good in the game.
You will need to save these files with a unique names one will be your light the other the dark side underwear models. I would suggest saving them as PFBtLAxx.tga for light and PFBtLDxx.tga where the "xx" represents the same number you picked for the head.

Step 6: Get a soda, make a sandwich and use the john. GOD THOSE IMAGES TOO FOR FREAKING EVER RIGHT? LOL...

Okay we have images, they look pretty good? Yeah? Ok now here comes more fun.

Step 7: Open your hex editor and open the twilek_f04.mdl file. "HOLY BANTA DOO DOO APOC! WTF IS WHITH ALL THE NUMBERS?!"... Dont freak out this is easier than it looks. Press "CTRL+F" to open the find menu and select from the "type" drop down "text string" then type in the word "_f04" and press enter. Now at the bottom right of the screen you will see a list apear in the box there and a bunch of the main edit screen will highlight yellow. All you need to do here is replace all of the "04"s with the number you picked for your new head textures.
Save that file, then rename it the same number that you just used in that file and in your head textures so it looks like this:

Step 8: Now relabel the twilek_f04.mdx with the same name as the .mdl file you just edited.

Step 9: USe kotor tool's built in 2da editor (the button that say .2da) to open the appearance.2da located in the head folder. NOW simpler than it sounds, click the lines that follow them and paste them to new lines.
91,92,93 and paste in new created lines at the bottom of the .2da list

Then relabel them 509, 510, 511

Now change the parts that says P_FEM_A_SML_01, P_FEM_A_MED_01, P_FEM_A_LRG_01 to P_FEM_T_SML_01, P_FEM_T_MED_01, P_FEM_T_LRG_01.
Then change the parts under the "normalhead" and "backuphead" columns from "26" and "****" to "107" and "107" in all 3 lines 509, 510, and 511.
Now in all tree of those lines find the column that says "texa" and "texaevil".
In the "texa" column change the default texture from "PFBALA" to "PFBTLA"
and in the "texaevil" from "PFBALD" to "PFBTLD". and SAVE that bad boy overwriting the one in your head folder.

Step 9: Now open the head.2da in the editor and copy line 61 and paste it into a new line at the bottom of the heads.2da list and label it 107.
Now in the head column after the "_f" add your custom number after the f so it looks like this if you picked "05": twilek_f05. Now under the other columns add the names of your dark side transition face textures into the columns that follow starting from most evil to normal. NOW SAVE...

Whoo we are almost done setting things up...

Now last, but not least...
Step 10: Open the portraits.2da and copy line 1 to a new line at the botton labeling it 41. Now change all of the "a"s in the portrait names to "t0" and save... you will have to make your own portraits for the transitions using screen shots.

Yahtzee! We have a new playable character with custom dark side transitions, drop all files from "twilek Head" into your kotor override file and THEN PLAY!

How to use TSLpatcher to install to make compatible see:

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