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10-15-2001, 08:42 AM
The beginning:

In order to get the best start you need to produce workers, lots of workers - be sure to build enough shelters to accomodate them, but only as you need them or you may run out of resources (carbon) and gather as much food as possible as efficiently as possible.

Immediately set a worker to build a prefab shelter and start building workers in your command center. Check for food sources nearby, if you don't see any (fruit bushes, fish, or herd animals like nerfs and banthas) -- have your other workers start stripping carbon from a tree near the command center and scout for food sources. Once you begin to run out of natural food supplies, move your workers onto farming, use a worker to create farms, near either your command center or your food processing centers.

Once you have found your food, think how you best go about gathering, for berries build a processing center nearby, for animals herd them into your town center to slaughter near the command center or build an animal nursery to herd them into, you don't want your workers travelling farther than they have to, as this will slow down production.

Always check for idle workers, your screen should flash to alert you of this, keeping your workers busy means you will get where you are going faster ;).

Once you have enough food being produces, usually from around 10 workers, and you are in a position to continually produce workers, then move on to carbon, have all new workers harvest carbon from trees near your command center, or build a carbon processing plant near a mass of trees. Don't tear down whole lines of trees as they may offer you protection in the future.

Now that we are up and running it's time to build a power station near your command center. The power station increases production speed, and all production facilites work incredibly slowly unless there is a power station nearby.

Continue farming, carbon collecting and creating workers until you see that you are able to move to the next stage (Tech Level 2). This can be done at around 500 units of food, simply click your command center and select the Tech Level option to begin researching.

Once that is done its' time to begin harvesting the other resources nearby, Ore and Nova Crystals, set all your new workers to build processing plants nearby the sources and order them to begin harvesting.

Once you have enough workers gathering from the resources then you can start on your army, build a Troop Center, preferably near the Power Station to increase production.

Now with enough resources coming in you can build your troops, upgrade your units and get ready to commence the battle, but we're not giving you THAT much help.

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