View Full Version : A simple fix

12-30-2000, 05:41 PM
I had EFMI crash on my PC every time I got halfway through the cutseen when Elaine and Guybrush were returning to Melee island, near the beginning of the game. I updated my graphics card drivers etc and I comfortably met the system requirements but to no avail. So, I created a folder called C:\Games\MonkeyCD and copied the contents of the first CD to it. Then, I went Start->Programs->MS-DOS Prompt, typed Subst G: "C:\Games\MonkeyCD" and closed the window. This will need to be done every time windows is loaded. I opened up the new drive G in My Computer and ran the executable. This brought up the installer, and I installed to C:\Games\Monkey 4, using custom install to get the smallest possible installation. I ran the game using the shortcut and it worked.

I suggest that when the second CD is required that the game should be saved, and then a new folder containing the contents of the CD should be created. Use the subst command on this folder and run the game.

This fix won't work under windows ME since a MS-DOS window cannot be brought up.