View Full Version : I just paid 60 bucks for a game I cannot beat becuase of tech problems

02-06-2001, 09:21 PM
Arg, I have a problem in mi4. After I got to Lucre Island most of the people I talk to started skipping their lines, so I cannot hear what they say! I have looked at all the readme's and FAQ's i could find about mi4 and I have emailed Lucasarts about the problem but they dont seem to get what I'm saying. Please help me.


02-07-2001, 12:57 PM
Yep, this is a buggy game. I didn`t get any though. I understand it`s boring when the bugs are so serious that you can`t even play the game.

02-07-2001, 04:11 PM
Try the following... hopefully some of them will work...

Go to the websites of your hardware vendors (i.e. video card, sound card, etc.) and download their latest drivers.
Go to Microsoft and download the latest version of DirectX.
Go to LucasArts' website and download the patch for the game.

Vroom Vroom!!

02-07-2001, 07:27 PM
Thanks for your help but i already have the latest drivers, the lastest version of directx and the patch installed.

02-07-2001, 07:33 PM
Inform LEC about your problems, and hope that they can help you.
Oh sorry, I didn`t see that you had already done that.

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02-07-2001, 09:34 PM
Here is an example, on Lucre Island there is a perfume salesman, once I talk to him I choose the top line to say (something about being a pirate), next I choose the top line again until it says something like, How do you stop being a pirate? After Guybrush asks the question the salesman just nods his head and waves his arms as if he's talking, but his lips aren't moving. Then I can select another question. Hopefully you got all that, this happens when I talk to most of the people!

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