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02-07-2001, 11:10 PM
one thing that really bugged (haha a pun!) me about EMI, is when i tabbed between this board, Instant messages etc, the color got all messed, like otis and guybrush would turn black, or purple, or green etc....


"So thats your game huh? Spinning the helpless skull? How juvinielle"

02-08-2001, 04:51 PM
It's best if you don't have other things running while playing games, and therefore switching between applications should not be done, either...

Games take up a lot of resources when they run, and many games, not just EMI, will have problems like what you've described, or even worse, they'll just crash.

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02-18-2001, 06:02 AM
happens to me to but once i redused the window it was ok