View Full Version : Bug: The Game tells me i found a bug!!!!

Ryan Izzo
02-18-2001, 09:14 AM
I go into the SCUMM bar after getting Pegnose Pete and the game runs REALLY REALLY REALLY UNBEARABLY SLOW and then tells me:

Congratulations, youve found a bug. 12 MB of resources have been locked. Please note your position and tell an authorized authority.

Its like Lucas Arts new what the problem was and is rubbing it in my face. WTF??? anyone get this????

02-18-2001, 01:38 PM
It`s a well known bug. Download the patch here,: http://support.lucasarts.com

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02-18-2001, 03:30 PM
I had the same problem,and I have a bigger problem now.

03-07-2001, 06:12 AM
whoa it literally congratulated you? that frightn's and confuses me man i would be scared thinking someone was hacking in my computer or something...


03-07-2001, 06:13 AM
whats the bigger problem?

03-07-2001, 09:44 AM
The bigger problem :
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