View Full Version : Got stuck in the swamp!

05-22-2001, 12:56 AM
Hi everyone,
I just need some help to find a way out of the swamp!
I got the direction paper and the clock.
The clock showed 1:50 and I had 1:50 E on my direction paper.
So, I went along E dirction until I saw the gate.
But there was nobody there to give me anything.
So, I went along E direction again.
This time, I was at the other side of the gate.
Still..nobody was there.
I kept going and going.
I am lost in the swamp!!!!!
pls. help!

05-22-2001, 01:34 AM
Whenever you see shore-line at the bottom of the screen...head for it...the game re-displays the swamp-entry screen every 4 or 5 screens no matter WHICH direction you go.

As to following the directions...make sure YOU got them...and didn't read some other gamer's notes...because this is a randomized puzzle...and each game has a different set of directions. If you follow the directions...you will find Peg-nose's house

Also: watch out for pesky twigs on the edges of the screen...once I got tossed north at the last minute by a twig on the left side of the screen, while trying to head west...I had to start over...You could ALWAYS go back to a saved game...this puzzle doesn't take very long.

Happy Pirating...