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05-31-2001, 03:04 PM
I really need your help plz!

I'm trying to get a signiture up on a global ezboard account.
I've typed the correct address in it.
It just gives me an error message.
Saying if i'm Netscape then refresh it. Tried it, dosen't work.
I don't think it's the sig though.
When i delete everything in the sig addresses box It still comes up with thwe error message.
Please help.


05-31-2001, 04:11 PM
Is it here you have problems?

I have no such account but this was the first page I found.

http://www.guybrush.homestead.com/files/Calvin.gif http://www.guybrush.homestead.com/files/Hobbes.gif and Grannen

05-31-2001, 04:23 PM
No. I've signed in. I've been a member for ages now. It's never happened b4.

But it's when you've joined if you want to edit your profile, you have to go to control center. Then edit preferances. When i've done what I need to do then click save changes it comes up with the error. It says I 've got illegal parameter or something?


05-31-2001, 04:50 PM
I have now registered and also edited my Profile and my Preferences without problem. (I'm using Internet Explorer)

I read that there are now an update to version 6.2 and following is an abstract from their info:

"Bug Fixes

Netscape 6 bugs
ezboard is now fully compatible with Netscape 6. We recommend Netscape 4 users to upgrade to Netscape 6 now to take full advantage of ezskinz technology.

With new ezkinz styles we have fixed numerous HTML bugs resulting in quicker page loads and an overall cleaner presentation."

http://www.guybrush.homestead.com/files/Calvin.gif http://www.guybrush.homestead.com/files/Hobbes.gif and Grannen

06-02-2001, 05:45 PM
Cheers Grannen knew you'd find out.

Any idea where I can download the new netscape plz?


06-03-2001, 02:37 AM
Can't find any update to 6.2 or any info about this version. Only updates to 6.01 at
I'll let you know if I find something later.

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06-04-2001, 06:40 AM
Netscape 6.2 is not out... the latest version is 6.01. I tried updating it a few days ago, and then it froze on me whenever I tried to run it. So I uninstalled it, and re-downloaded the whole thing. Now it seems to be working.

Mozilla is nearing 1.0, which should be a much better build for the browser. You might want to check for other browsers that make use of the latest Mozilla build....

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