View Full Version : crash exiting mine when I open metal door

06-02-2001, 05:41 PM
After I pick the weed device, when I exit, EFMI crashes and leaves me in Windows! I have ME, DirectX8, PIII500, 128Mb, already with the 1.1 patch, and force 16bit and opengl does NOT solve the problem! Damn, I was going to finish it in 3 days!


06-03-2001, 02:33 AM
Have you tried
Enable Direct3D + Force 16 Bit Color combination?

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06-04-2001, 07:57 AM
Ok, After 3 days trying , I managed to get out.
The trick to all of u who has a unknown EFMI crash:
- disable every program on the taskbar (winamp, vshield, mysql, etc)
- place monitor at 16 bit and 640*480
- execute monkey.exe (not monkey4.exe) on hard disk (with openGL and force 16bits)
- Alter Geez wiz factor to mimimun (no shadows, etc).
- Try passing now the part witch crashes; if you're not succeded, retry, restarting your computer and starting all again. It sucks, but once passing it you may turn on all again.