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05-20-2000, 04:46 PM
Click Here (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Ring/2270/secrets.html) for a website that takes you a site with all the eggs from CMI! Many I had never seen before...great site!



I got three heads...where are your other two?

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05-20-2000, 07:57 PM
I knew of a few of those eggs partly because I went through the game more than once. Still, this webpage is excellent. Every CMI fan should read this.

05-20-2000, 11:25 PM
I found that site a while ago, and then played through CMI until I'd seen everyone of them for myself. The part where you go to the underwater dock in SMI is probably my favorite though.

11-06-2000, 11:06 AM
thought i might reply to a really old post http://www.escapemi.com/forums/biggrin.gif

11-10-2000, 12:14 AM
How come they didn't list the coolest one, when in the Goodsoup tomb you can look up in the crack in the celing, and find yourself sticking your head up right into the woods of Monkey1 .. http://www.escapemi.com/forums/smile.gif

Pauly Shaw
11-26-2000, 01:44 AM
Now that I've seen them all, I wish there were more...