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11-24-2000, 12:48 PM
Hey! Does An one Knows How to Bit Mr. Cheese
in arm wrestling in scumm bar?? Plase Reply
me @ shoeb_Man@yahoo.com

11-27-2000, 03:44 AM
wrong forum man, go to the hints one!

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I have a theory about ants. I figure that if I step on every ant I see, then eventually by natural selection the ants will evolve to avoid me. It may take a few million years, but I'm patient.

I have a similar theory about voting against the presidential candidates who equally annoy me, but they evolve even more slowly.

12-07-2000, 08:26 PM
It goes something like this...
Insult:today,by myself, twlve people I've beaten.
Answer:from the size of your gut i'd say they were all eaten.
Insult:I've got mucles in places you've never even heard of.
Answer:it's to bad none of them are in your arms.
Insult:Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape!
Answer:I would if it would stop your WINE-ing
Insult:My ninety-year-old grandmother has bigger arms than you!
Answer:yeah, but we've got better bladder control than you.
Insult:I'm going to put your arm in a sling.
Answer:Why, are you studying to be a nurse?
Insult:My stupefying strenght will shatter your ulna into a million pieces.
Answer:I'm surprised you can count that high!
those are just some, If you need more, just ask...

12-08-2000, 05:28 PM
An appropriate insult for THIS forum board would be something like:

You look like a monkey in a neglegée.
I look THAT much like your fiancée?

I'll hound you night and day!
Then be a good dog; sit, stay!

En garde! Touché!
Oh, that is so cliché!

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