View Full Version : Alan Young is the man!

01-15-2001, 04:24 AM
Alan Young is my idol. He is the best Scottish voice actor around and was perfect for the role of Haggis McMutton. He also did the voices for Scrooge McDuck and Mr. Ed. He came over to the states through Staten on the same boat as a friend of the family's so that's cool too.

I'm sorry, I know no one can really respond to this, it's just that no one has posted here for awhile, and it's getting lonely. I figured I'd put some input in. There's my opinion, if anyone ever reads it...


01-24-2001, 09:19 AM
I agree, Alan Young`s voice fits Haggis perfectly.

Guybrush: Can i call you Bob.
Murray: You may call me Murray, the all powerful demonic skull. Bmwhahahaahahaa