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11-22-2000, 09:40 PM

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Escape from Monkey Island
US version 1.1

company: LucasArts (www.lucasarts.com)

homesite: unknown

Installation: When you run MonkeyUpdate.exe, the installer will
search for the folder where you originally installed Escape From
Monkey Island. If the update does not find Monkey4 on your system,
you will need to reinstall the game from it's original CD before
running the update.


- Corrects an issue with selecting your 3D p***-through card when
the primary card has 3D capability.
- Corrects an issue with certain settings being saved in the saved
game, including controller and alter gee whiz factor settings.
- Corrects minor sound issues in various areas of the game.
- Corrects various minor gameplay issues, including:
- The ability to complete a puzzle on Lucre Island which uses the
music box. Wait, what music box?
- A crash which is caused by completing a puzzle on Melee Island
multiple times.
- Teleporting kudu jerky pretzels.
- The puppets remaining on Guybrush's hands after you press O to
exit the set after using the puppets.
- The inability to find the chef after following him into the kitchen.
- Corrects an issue with the light sorting incorrectly in the cave
on Lucre Island when Guybrush walks into the light.
- Corrects the error message that congratulates you and tells you to
get back to work, besides, you are there to play, not work...

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C Shutt
11-23-2000, 12:30 AM
Why are you posting this on every single forum on this site? I understand it's important, but why not just post it in "General Discussion"?

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